12. March: Nancy Pelosi wants to. no impeachment proceedings against Trump

The Chairman of the U.S. house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, has spoken out against impeachment proceedings against the Republican President, Donald Trump There should be compelling reasons to do so, “I don’t think we should go this way, because he divides the country,” said Pelosi in the Washington Post in a Monday Interview published. With a view to Trump the most powerful US Democrat added: “And he it is simply not worth it.”

Especially from the left wing of the faction of the Democrats demands for impeachment proceedings. The Democrats have, since January, a majority in the house of representatives, with the help of which you could initiate a procedure of impeachment (Impeachment) against Trump. The Senate should lead the process. In this chamber of the Congress Trumps the Republicans have a majority. An impeachment would have to agree to two thirds of the 100 senators. At present, such a majority is not conceivable.

slip of the tongue or “Fake News”?

Trump explains why he said “Tim Apple” – contradicting a report

Pelosi said she had confidence in the institutions of the United States. She showed concern for the case of a re-election Trumps 2020. “All the challenges we have seen us, we can resist everything. But maybe not two terms of office (Trumps). So we need to make sure that that happens.” In the case of the Democrats, the field of those applying for the candidacy of the party in the year 2020, to grow. So far, more than a dozen Democrats want to challenge Trump in the election.

11. March: the Trump shall submit to Bulgarian for 2020 – the environment and health reduced

US President Donald Trump has submitted a 4.7-trillion-U.S.-Dollar budget proposal for fiscal year 2020 that provides for more spending for defense and less money for environmental, health, and development assistance. According to the will of the White house, the defense budget will increase by five percent to $ 750 billion (669 billion Euro). The government headquarters in the areas of environment, health and social welfare wants to swipe money, including 845 billion for the health insurance “Medicare”. The Budget of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and development aid Agency, USAID, is to be reduced by 23 percent.

Trump is pounding on a billion total for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico, his Central campaign promises. For additional 8.6 billion dollars are provided for in the design.