The SPD wants that older people can refer to in case of unemployment in the future significantly longer unemployment benefits. This is part of the claims of party leader Andrea Nahles for a “welfare state reform in 2025”.

the controversial basic backup Hartz IV wants to replace the Nahles by a “citizens ‘ money”. “From the age of 50 years, we want to acknowledge the contribution of number of years, even more than today,” said the party boss, the editor-in network in Germany (RND/Wednesday).”Who is 58 years old, can now apply for 24 months of unemployment benefit. We want to extend the reference period to up to 33 months”.

In individual cases, could increase the duration of three years. The more costs can be covered according to the SPD Director of unemployment insurance: “as Their coffers are full, the money is there,” she said. After the end of the duration of unemployment benefit I to be Concerned, fall into the basic protection.

Nahles had already demanded in the past year, a social reform of the state and announced: “We will not let Hartz IV behind us.” On Sunday and Monday, the SPD-tip deals with the issue – at a retreat she’s looking for ways out of the crisis in the party.

In the RND-Interview Nahles reiterated their demands and called vertices. “Stupid penalties need to go,” she said. “The key is: The state as a Partner for five years, for support and perspective from the unemployment benefit I, on qualifying offers up to the transition phase when citizens’ money,” said Nahles.

The colloquially often Hartz IV-called unemployment benefit II was introduced in 2005 under SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. Many in the SPD’s reforms of the former red-green government in the labour market is a reason for the loss of confidence of the party.