SPD Leader Andrea Nahles has it hard these days. Alpha men drag on the party Chairman, Gerhard Schröder, to Sigmar Gabriel. Nahles slaving away to the SPD to get out of the deep 15-percent-valley. You are looking for a project that gives her a boost. And if you dare, the hottest iron, you want to overcome Schroeder’s Hartz-IV-Reform “” – but the liberation could backfire.

On Sunday and Monday to host Andrea Nahles, the compass of the party at a closed meeting of the Board to the left – at the heart of the new supply of lost voters: “welfare state reform in 2025” – it is a pretty expensive Shake to Gerhard schröder’s Agenda 2010.

Gerhard Schroeder taunts against Andrea Nahles

The SPD is somehow search to sense to stop the contagion. And even if many do not trust her and she has problems to turn their krawalliges Image in Parts of the population, is committed Nahles is now a Chancellor candidacy. “If I would not trust a Chancellor candidacy, I would have advertised me never to the office of SPD Chairman,” she says in an Interview with the editor-in network in Germany (RND), in which it has a comprehensive labour-market reform proposals are explained. Schröder had previously said the “mirror”, a prerequisite for candidacy was mind economic expertise. On the question of whether Nahles have this competence, he said: “I think that would not claim to be pretty.”

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concept for a “basic pension” submitted

More money for low-wage earners: to strengthen the “respect-pension”


The Attempts of Nahles, to shred his Hartz-IV-Reform in the important Parts, should it in his judgment. “We want to Hartz IV is behind us, and a new citizens money,” said Nahles.

Hartz IV is considered by many as the main reason for the crash of the SPD

is The Central message: “We want to extend the unemployment benefits. The more paid in, to get it longer.” Who is 58 years old, can now apply for 24 months of ALG I. It is based on the last wage, who has recently earned 2000 euros gross gets around 820 euros. Nahles wants to expand to 33 months. But that would cost businesses and citizens billions. And it could also lead to new early retirement waves.

a rebuke for Altanzler

The SPD politician of Schroeder’s not keep broadside against Nahles (Spoiler: a lot)


Long-standing contributors so far, after twelve, at the latest 24 months of ALG I with respect to the Hartz-IV-level – is currently the rule set 424 Euro in the month. Schröder wanted to increase the pressure, to find rapidly a new job. Although there are certainly many other reasons, especially the uncertainty of what the SPD is, what are your big future ideas: Hartz IV is considered by many as the main reason for the crash of the party. It is the internal debates such as the issue of refugees dominated dominates today Angela Merkel’s CDU chancellorship.

Hartz IV was no Stigma

To date, the social Democrats suffer from schröder’s reforms, based on the proposals of the former VW-Manager Peter Hartz. They coined the chancellorship of schröder and be praised until today, of the economy as one of the best SPD reforms, because they helped Germany to bring the “sick man of Europe” back on its feet; the ten years of economic growth were also possible.

Alt-in the “mirror”

Nahles Chancellor Can be Chancellor? Schröder: “she would not say of himself”


The costs have been reduced by the amalgamation of unemployment benefit (UB) I with the social assistance to unemployment benefit II, popularly known as Hartz IV – solid. However, “hartzen” was teased at the winged word, the Hartz-IV-children in the school.

Nahles wants that nonsensical sanctions to be abolished, especially for under 25-Year-old, “the only cause that the state loses the contact to these people.” The state should “be more a Partner, less controller”. Anyone who is unemployed, should also get after three months of Training, it was in times of rapid change through the digitization of important.

Andrea Nahles brings the concept of citizens ‘money into the game

Nahles’ new concept is to make it as a “citizens ‘ money” career – rhetorical Hartz IV is to be a new concept to overcome. But actually, the FDP has coined the term “citizens money” for something completely different. The concept of the liberal aims not unlike Nahles more state aid, but a streamlining.


Juso-Chairman Kevin Kühnert

“You can’t play two years for the chief of critics, and then not to get your fingers dirty, do not want to do”

is not Enforceable, a Reform in the Grand coalition with the Union. And as Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, to date from the point of view of his followers, the most promising contender for the SPD’s Chancellor candidate, in order for the economy to vote to advertise, is unclear. Especially since a Scholz-Confidant, the head of the Federal Agency for work, Detlef Scheele, vigorously warns against the Hartz-IV-revamp the System.

“The program by Mrs Nahles would make Germany a case for restructuring,” says CSU General Secretary Markus flower. Ingo Kramer, head of the employers ‘ Association, said: The proposals to build any bridges to employment. “Extended loop of the refinement of the waiting-term unemployment. Unemployment is no longer funded. Faster and better in work people will not be brought against it.”

Within the SPD, there is criticism

For their reform proposals Nahles gets, at least in the SPD, and a lot of praise. Is accurately registered, as Sigmar Gabriel and Martin Schulz put their heads together and, as Schroeder breaks the wand over Nahles, which is not a year in office.


K-question in the SPD

“wrong time, Wrong man, wrong method” – discussion of Scholz’s Chancellor-advance

By Daniel Wüstenberg

What has not been tried: Since the pension with 63 is, for example, there were almost 1.2 million requests. Anyone who has deposited at least 45 years in the pension Fund, you can go with 63 and the tee-free retirement. It costs billions. The industry complains that in times of shortage of skilled experienced staff deleted early in the sailing.

Too much politics for the Old to is the expense of the Younger, a reproach. The Chancellor candidate of 2013, Peer Steinbrück, said in an Interview, the SPD will operate “only as a repair, or a kind of sick of the coaches experienced that seals a pipe fracture, a screw attracts and ensures that the minimum wage rises by one Euro”. The great Impetus of social progress party was unfortunately lost.

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