A political Thriller shattered, the policy in Norway. It is a political piece of theatre, and allegedly staged attacks on the Minister of justice of the country, Tor Mikkel Wara. The focus of the investigation, his roommate and girlfriend. What sounds like the latest crime novel from Scandinavia, is currently the topic number One in Norway’s policy.

it all Started with the theatre piece “Ways of seeing”, which was listed in the “Black Box theatre” in the capital city of Oslo. It is the house of the Minister of justice and other persons in connection with the conservative government party “Høyre”, the right-wing populist government party, the “party of progress” and NATO showed in a video sequence. Wara is a member of the “party of progress”, in short, the Frp.

partner criticises theatre

in response, Laila Anita B., roommate of the Wara and, thus, also a resident of the house, not publicly in the media about the piece complained. Directly to the Director directed it said: “you call it art, I call it a gross Invasion of my private life.” Laila Anita B., a middle-aged woman with short, blond hair, complained that she had been filmed from the theater people. You, as a Person who never sought the public light.

That was in December of last year. Only a few days after the open letter from Laila Anita B. an attack on the house of you and your significant other, Minister of justice, Wara followed. The house has been smeared. The accusation that Wara was a racist, in red letters on the white house wall. Quickly, the domestic one on the secret service, the PST, the Minister of justice, Wara is the parent.


The house of Wara and Laila Anita B., smeared with the word “racist”

©Cornelius Poppe, AFP attacks are piling up,

Wara said a day later to the attack. It was an attack not only on him but on democracy. He did not want to change his appearance as a politician in Public, he told the Norwegian broadcaster NRK. Then it was the first quiet to Wara and his home. Up to January.

round two weeks after the turn of the year, there was an arson attack. A trash can was set on fire in front of the house of Wara and Laila Anita. Major damage was not. A day later, Laila Anita B. showed the “Black Box theatre”. In February, a special had to call a command. Flammable liquids were found under the car of the Minister of justice. In March, the had to step in it again. Meanwhile, the complaint of Laila Anita B. was adopted.

criminal case in Norway

a millionaire’s wife for weeks-gone – kidnappers

respond to TV-call

DPA policy switches in the case of Wara, Only a few days later, Waras car was set on fire. The fire was quickly extinguished, there were no casualties. Norwegian politicians were on the side of the Minister of justice. It was spoken of an attack on the open society. In spite of the increased attacks, the family didn’t want the video surveillance. Cameras are already everywhere, Laila Anita B. cited.

The PST gave the case to the highest priority. Wara called the attacks on himself and his family is scary. Nevertheless, he wants to lead his life. Also, the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg switched on. They criticised the theatre, in the house of the Minister of justice was shown. The domestic secret service, had no trace.

Laila Anita B. is arrested and interrogated

Then the big twist: Laila Anita B. is accused by the PST, was detained and interrogated. She is suspected to at least have the car of the Minister and other attacks staged fired. The police searched the house. The reactions came thick and fast. Tor Mikkel Wara leave himself as a Minister. Erna Solberg gave a press conference. The arrest was a shock for the entire government.

Neither Wara nor Laila Anita B. speak now. Through their lawyers, it is reported that Wara had never harbored a suspicion of his roommate and life partner, and that B. has set out to prove their innocence. Also, her lawyer is convinced of her innocence. However, the suspicions are confirmed. The PST had attached a hidden camera to prove that Laila Anita B. set fire to the car.


Erna Solberg at a press conference: “It’s a shock.”

©Cornelius Poppe, AFP is A unique case

in The case of Wara rocked Norway’s political landscape. The Minister of justice really knew nothing? After all, he was the parent of the domestic intelligence service, the authority initiated the investigation. Has traded his girlfriend alone or he himself is involved in the productions? Questions and speculation are spreading to the case.

The Norwegian commentator Harald Stanghelle is in any case certain that a case history is like this in Norway is rare, and even a very special one could be: “This case differs from others in that the threats have shaped the Norwegian Public about three months. Politicians and the population at large had every reason to believe that someone wanted to attack the Minister of justice and his political activities and, therefore, also of democracy,” said Stanghelle the TV station NRK. If that was all staged, then this is unique in the history of Norway.

has to Wara his Post?

Stanghelle, and other political commentators generally agree that formal Wara there’s nothing to prevent, to continue his Post run, but this could be difficult. He was, after all, the most important Person in the judicial sector of the country and the case had a special poignancy.

As it goes, is yet to be seen. Ads against the theatre and its artists have now been dropped. The big question is: Will Tor Mikkel Wara Minister, or he stumbles over a production? Is only Rarely, such a case has shaken Norway’s political landscape such as this.

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