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Austria: 88-Year-old on the open road, kidnapped (21.14 PM)Flash break-in at a jeweller near Ku’damm in Berlin (21 hours)Kühnert, warns the SPD prior to the debate about K-question (20.16 PM)holiday claims are inheritable (16.55 PM)Spain: Again setback in recovery from Julen (16.09 PM)US-Rapper Chris Brown: the arrest in Paris (14 o’clock)

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+++ 22.43 PM: US Rapper Chris Brown from police custody released +++

After his arrest for the rape suspicion is the US-Rapper Chris Brown again in the evening from the custody of the Paris police have been made redundant. The 29-Year-old also drug-related crimes. The investigations should be continued, according to prosecutors. The lawyer brown, Raphaël Chiche, said his client declare himself innocent, and I asked him to make a complaint for slander.

According to the broadcaster, France info Brown was yesterday for questioning in custody. Normally the duration is limited to 24 hours, but can be to 48 hours extended. In the case of particularly serious offences for up to 96 hours are possible in exceptional cases.

+++ 21.48 watch: feds can no longer pay informants +++

By four and a half weeks of ongoing budget freeze in the USA, the work of the FBI is severely restricted. The Federal police no longer could pay informants and Translators, and any kind of drugs for covert operations buy, defendant anonymous FBI employee, according to a message of your professional Association FBIAA. If, however, sources of the FBI could no longer be paid, there is the risk, “of losing you, and the information supplied by you forever”, was quoted an employee. A FBI office, complained to the Association that it is also about the fact that it tires the money for DNA-testing kits, replacement car and the copy paper is missing.

the majority of The approximately 13,000 FBI special agents must continue to work – although the lock as a result of the budget, their salaries do not get paid. The FBIAA had denounced the Situation is already less than two weeks ago as “unsustainable”.

International press

government Shutdown

“Trump alienated the hard core of his followers, and sits between all chairs”

Since the weeks are 800,000 Federal employees without pay. The budget dispute is crippling the United States. The international press Trump and the Democrats fall through with their proposals.

AFP +++ 21.14 watch: 88-Year-old in Austria, on the open road +++

In Austria, kidnapped a woman has been kidnapped on the open road. The 88-Year-old was stopped by police information against 15.30 o’clock in the Burgenland town of Eisenstadt with its Nurse on the go, as next to them two black sedans. The Nurse was pushed to the side, then, the 88-Year-old in one of the vehicles. The identity of the Kidnapped, the police tactically and due to the protection of Victims was as yet no information. The incident triggered according to the Austrian NachrichtenagenturAPA a massive police operation in the small town near the Hungarian border. Against 17 clock, the authorities launched a large-scale manhunt in space Eisenstadt.

+++ 21 p.m.: Lightning break-in at a jeweller near Ku’damm in Berlin +++

In a jewelry store near Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm shopping street, it has been a Lightning break-in. The police informed. According to initial findings, the Unknown drove a car into the store and destroyed the shop window. For more Details, the police are not called so far. The business is located in the vicinity of a hotel. In the area around Berlin’s most famous shopping mile, there are always Raids, especially to jewelers, luxury watch stores, and the luxury Department store “Kaufhaus des Westens” (KaDeWe).

+++ 20.42 PM: hundreds bid farewell to totem girl in Torgelow +++

In the case of a funeral, more than 400 people in Torgelow have taken leave of the little girl who had come ten days ago, died. “What has happened, we can change, unfortunately, unfortunately, nothing, but maybe we can make life a bit interpersonal,” said Pastor Frank Sattler in the Church of Christ. Torgelows mayor Kerstin Pukallus said: “losing A child is the Hardest thing a human being can endure.” A trumpeter played “tell me where the flowers are”, many people placed candles in the altar room on a mourning image of the child.

The six-year-old was on 12. January in the apartment of the family were killed. The Prosecutor’s office determined against the stepfather on suspicion of “murder by omission.” The 27-Year-old have the child of his girlfriend so severely abused that it died. The man denies this and said that the six-year-old was in a car crash, claimed the lives of. The Prosecutor looks through medical-legal investigations.

+++ 20.38 PM: Three men attacked a luxury-Bank in Paris +++

a Spectacular Bank robbery, close to the Parisian Boulevard of Champs-Elysées: Three with hand guns, armed men, the store of luxury, of money Institute Milleis, which is located approximately 650 metres from the presidential Palace stormed, immediately after the Opening by 7: 30. They tied the workers and sprayed them with a liquid, which initially could not be determined. Then they forced the staff to open around 30 Safes and disappeared by noon without a trace from the Bank, which should have a very high net worth clients. The employees were able to liberate themselves.

During the Robbery, the thieves would have hanged a sign on the door that the Bank was closed, said the spokesman for a police Union. The employees of the surrounding businesses – including many luxury boutiques and expensive Restaurants – were shocked. “We have heard nothing, saw nothing. It was only when the security forces came, we knew what was going on,” said one of them. “We have been asked to stay in the Store, which lasted two hours and we have re-opened.”

+++ 20.16 at: Kühnert SPD warns of debate on the Chancellor candidacy +++

Juso-chief Kevin Kühnert has warned the SPD against a staff debate. A party, two and a half years before the next election to the Bundestag at 15 percent, could talk about many topics, said Kühnert on the traditional new year’s reception of the schleswig-Holstein SPD in Kiel. “But not about who is the Chancellor candidate of the SPD.” Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz had recently declared that he believed the Kanzlerjob, but at the same time stressed that the question currently.


K-question in the SPD

“wrong time, Wrong man, wrong method” – discussion of Scholz’s Chancellor-advance

Olaf Scholz as Chancellor? He can imagine it. In social networks, in newspaper comments and in his own party, the imagination is, however, many.

By Daniel Wüstenberg +++ 19.50 PM: the Meuse meets US Secretary of state Pompeo in Washington +++

Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas will fly in on Wednesday in the United States. On his first stop in the capital city of Washington Maas wants to talk with US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Thereby, among other things, the future of the INF disarmament Treaty, as well as the situation in the War torn nation of Syria.

+++ 19.19 PM: ruins of the “Adenauer-house” got a new owner +++

A big business from the Cologne region has been awarded the contract for the purchase of the ruin of the “Adenauer-Haus” in the Eifel. He got outbid the last highest bid of 35 000 Euro, said owner L. Ilse, women in the North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is the ruin of an estate, which should serve the former Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, as a cottage in a forest in Duppach (Rheinland-Pfalz). It was, however, never been finished – Adenauer didn’t want it.

+++ 18.57 at: Pompeo praises Brexit vote, and government, with the participation of the Five star in Italy +++

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has welcomed the political transition processes in different Parts of the world as a “positive development”. “A new Wind is blowing around the world,” said Pompeo in a video message to the world economic forum in Davos. As positive examples of such “Disruptions” called Pompeo, among other things, the election of Donald Trump to the US President, the decision of the British exit from the EU, the government, with the participation of the populist Five-star movement in Italy and the victory recently to the office in the imported Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, the ultra-right position. In the past few years, voters have not punished politicians and political alliances, of which they felt that they represented their interests, said the chief US diplomat.

+++ 18.20: Germany sets a participation in Sophia-Mission in the Mediterranean sea off +++

Germany is to suspend the participation in the fight against smuggling in the Mediterranean imaginary EU Mission to Sophia. According to dpa-information will be sent after the deployment of the Navy frigate “Augsburg” first of all, not another ship in front of the Libyan coast.

+++ at 17:41: migration report: Less immigration to Germany +++

The immigration to Germany has decreased, according to the migration report of the Federal government, significantly the last. “In 2017, significantly less people are attracted 1.55 million to us than in previous years”, – stated in the report of the Federal government to the years 2016 and 2017 submitted to the editorial office network in Germany (RND/Wednesday). This Wednesday the Federal want to introduce to the interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and the head of the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf), Hans-Eckard summer, the paper in Berlin officially.

“The Fort trains are compared to the previous years higher,” according to RND, in the report. “In 2016 there were 1,37 and 2017 1.13 million people. So it was after the very high migration gain in the year of 2015 of almost 1.14 million persons lower migration gains of around 0.5 million in 2016 and 0.4 million in 2017.”

+++ 17.32 PM: Russian fighter plane landing crashes – Three of the Dead +++

In the vicinity of Murmansk in Northern Russia is shattered on Tuesday a Russian fighter aircraft – three crew members were killed and another injured. The accident occurred during landing, as the Russian Ministry of defense announced. The aircraft of type Tupolev Tu-22M3 was on a training flight. As the cause of the accident, the defence was the Ministry of “snow flurry,” as the Russian news Agency Tass reported. The Tu-22M3 strategic long-range bombers, which were originally developed in the 1970s. Some of these aircraft arrived in Syria. In the aircraft, four crew members are provided.

+++ 17 o’clock: Henckel von Donnersmarck’s “work without the author” nominated for Oscar +++

The German Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck can hope for in a new Oscar-honor. Be an artist-Drama “work without the author” was nominated for the award as the best foreign language Film, as the US film Academy announced on Tuesday in Los Angeles. “Work without the author” competes against “Roma” of the Mexican Alfonso Cuarón. With a total of ten nominations, Roma is one of the top favorites at this year’s Oscars.

Oscar 2019

the German Film in the Oscar race are the nominations

Henckel von Donnersmarck had already won the 2006 Stasi Drama “the lives of Others” Oscar. “Work without the author” tells the story of a German painter from the Nazi era to the sixties. The movie with Tom Schilling in the lead role, is based on the biography of Gerhard Richter, who has criticised the work, however, is sharp.

+++ 16.55 PM: holiday claims are inheritable dies +++

If an employee during the current employment relationship, his / her heirs may be entitled to financial compensation for the unused leave. The Federal labour court (BAG) ruled on Tuesday in Erfurt. It is thus the case law of the European court of justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg. (Az: 9 AZR 45/16)

the BAG of a widow and sole heiress of the Rhineland was very specific. Her husband had died in December 2010, and as of this date, 25 days ‘ holiday. The BAG is said to now 5858 Euro gross.

Clever vacation planning

bridge day 2019: you can double your annual leave

+++ 16.49 at: white Russian Model of a Russian police custody + dismissed++

in Moscow detained Russian Model Anastasia Waschukewitsch, the information about evidence of Russian interference in the election campaign of US President, Donald Trump, is back on the loose. The investigators had decided, subject to conditions to release, said the lawyer, Svetlana Sidorkina. This represents another Detainee, Alexander Kirillov, who had previously been deported with Waschukewitsch called as a call girl Nastja Rybka, from Thailand to Russia.

the lawyer of The Models, Dmitry Sazarinski, confirmed the release. He has published in the Online image service Instagram a Video where he is seen with his client in a car. “Nastja Rybka is free. We go home,” wrote Sarazinski.

+++ 16.48 PM: young man part of the scalped – Three defendants want to confess +++

Allegedly it was a question of honor: With truncheons and wooden slats the perpetrators to lurk a 19-Year-olds in eat and beat him almost to death. One of the attackers is said to have brandished also a knife, “to slaughter”, as it says in the indictment. An alleged love relationship with a 17-Year-old from the family of the alleged perpetrators is said to have been the reason for the brutal attack. The youth was already married according to Islamic rite with another man. Therefore, your family want to are Convinced that the Prosecutor’s revenge.

Nearly eight months after this court of the trial of eleven men and two women began on Tuesday at the Essen country – they are members of a Syrian family, the victim is also from Syria. The charge is murder in the first attempt and aid. Three, not to mention dropping confessions, as their defender announced on Tuesday, the other only once.

The victim was in the night of December 31. May 2018 prior to the Essen apartment up been lurking. The 19-Year-old suffered serious head injuries. According to the indictment, there was a “part skalpierung”. In addition, under the belly, liver and intestines were injured. The life of the student through an emergency surgery saved. It was an acute danger to life. A witness had observed the scene from your balcony and the police alerted.


With heavy equipment, the rescuers dig for two years in the hole – but no one knows if he still have suffered lives

©Lorenzo Carnero/ZUMA Wire DPA +++ 16.09 PM: another setback in recovery action for small Julen in Spain +++

The rescue work for the in a borehole ousted small Julen in Spain. After the helpers had succeeded on Monday evening, an auxiliary shaft for the recovery of the two-year, not adjusted to its stabilization in designated pipes. The slot should be widened on Tuesday.

During the Lowering of the stabilization of pipes, the specialists in 40 meters of depth to be encountered difficulties, said a government spokesperson in Malaga. The Work on the widening of the shaft ran, however, it was not clear how long this would take. Once the shaft is stabilized by the pipes, should be left to a Team of eight mining experts down the shaft and with the construction of a four-Meter-long horizontal tunnel up to the hole to start, in the two-year-old was on Sunday a week ago, fell. For about 24 hours are estimated. The experts hope to be able to Julen then mountains.

+++ 16.05 PM: prominent journalist in Turkey because of secret treason +++

The prominent journalist Nazli Ilıcak was sentenced in Turkey for secret treason to five years and ten months in prison. The Istanbul court, have you found the “disclosure of confidential information relating to the security of the state”, guilty, reported the state news Agency Anadolu.

Ilıcak participated in the hearing via video unlock from the women’s prison in Istanbul’s Bakirkoy district. There she sits for more than two years in detention. The prosecution had accused Ilıcak, according to Anadolu, to have in one article, information from a secret document of the General staff published. Ilicaks lawyer said in court that his client had only written about already known information.

+++ 15.55 PM: Poggenburg comes to AfD-group, before – and declared the outlet +++

The long-standing Chairman of the AfD in the Saxony-Anhalt state Parliament, André Poggenburg, came with a group of his exclusion, exit just before. He got laid at a meeting in the Parliament, all his Offices, and his exit explains, – the politician said. His former fellow Members had scheduled for the same meeting, a formal decision of the group to the exclusion of Poggenburgs.

the name validly published was in accordance with the new Trouble with party representatives from Saxony-Anhalt and the German Federal Association of the AfD. In Parallel, he had founded the “awakening of German patriots” (AdP), a new party, he is now its Chairman. With the AdP, the 43-Year-old will compete in the upcoming state elections in East Germany – will be elected in 2019, in Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia.

+++ 15.10 PM: motorists are denied, apparently, from the rich citizen scene, Police +++

A motorist apparently from the rich citizens scene has denied Stuttgart a Police check for a speed violation at the wheel. The 53-Year-old wanted to give the officials no personal documents and vehicle documents, the police announced. The reason he gave, therefore, he did not want to acknowledge the permission of the police officers to inspect the papers.

A judge ordered the search of the man and of his car, according to the documents. Since the 53-Year-old, the door did not open, beat the officials, the disc of the driver’s door and arrested the driver on a provisional basis. During the search of the car, the policemen found a knife and a irritant spray device. Both were seized.

+++ watch: 14.44 PM: Old Bio book with “racial doctrine” in Saxony for Trouble +++

In Saxony, the use of an outdated biology-Lehrhefts with the “racial theory of man,” for eddy. The Greens have criticized the use of racist teaching material to a top school in the County of Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge and demanded in a Small request for clarification. They stated that they had received notes from parents that in the booklet, the “racial theory of man,” was also discussed.

In the controversial teaching material for the 10. Class was about “negriden, Mongoloid and European race circles”, it said. Students allegedly have typical skin colors, nose and face shapes assign. Previously, various media had reported about it.

According to the Saxon Ministry of culture, it is in the book to the special issue on “nature, science, biology, chemistry, physics – and- colors” from the year 1998. A spokeswoman said it was a “regrettable isolated case”. You referred to the responsibility of the schools in the selection of teaching materials. In Saxony, school books must be approved for the subjects of Religion and ethics.

+++ 14.06 PM: Russian tried plane hijacking to Afghanistan +++

A man tried to hijack a Russian passenger plane on the way to Moscow. The Suspect had a few minutes nach called for the Start of the Aeroflot machine in Surgut (West Siberia) a change of course to Afghanistan, said the National Anti-terrorist Committee. The Pilot immediately initiated a precautionary landing in Siberia. The location was the first evidence that under control. No one had been hurt, it said. The perpetrator is reported to be Russian and I might be having mental problems, reported the Agency Tass reported, citing a government spokesman. He had earlier been noticeable, and several times under the influence of alcohol have been arrested. From a terrorist Background nothing was known.