From July, are allowed to participate, people with a court-ordered support in all matters in elections.

your current exclusion is contrary to a decision of the Federal constitutional court against the basic law, the Bundestag has changed the rules in the meantime. However, for the European elections on may 26. May, which is why the Opposition to an urgent application to the Federal constitutional court. This will be negotiated on Monday (14.00) orally. A decision want to of the 2. The Senate, chaired by court President Andreas vosskuhle directly in the port, announce.

In Germany, many people, managers care about because they are sick or confused. For a good 82 000 of them, the courts have ordered support in all matters. This group to do it.

Green, Left and the FDP want to a choice in spite of the short time to Europe on the 26. May achieve that the Supervised can participate. The deadline for registration in the register of voters Sunday (14. April). The fractions of the CDU and the SPD had argued in its decision in March in the Bundestag, a Change in the law would intervene shortly before the election in the preparations. From the point of view of the Opposition, the inclusion of affected persons in the voters ‘ register would have been possible. The preparation of the candidates lists not to be an obstacle, because first of all, the right to stand for election.

The Parliamentary Manager of the Greens, Britta Haßelmann, had criticized the Parliament’s decision as discriminatory and not in line with the Constitution. The request of the Opposition, the right to vote exclusions to repeal the Federal election law and in the European elections act, immediately, had been rejected by the Bundestag before. The FDP member of the German Bundestag Jens Beeck called for the exclusion of people under Full-service and debt-to-inept of the European elections is a disgrace to democracy. “The preliminary injunction is the last step to prevent this fundamental breach of the law.”