After about a week on the International space station ISS the space capsule “Crew Dragon” of the private US company SpaceX to return today to earth.

The capsule is expected to fly the unmanned test flight of approximately five hours through the atmosphere and then using parachutes in the Atlantic ocean, to land. Ships should pull out of the “Crew Dragon” back to the country.

The space capsule had docked last weekend after around 27 hours of flight time to the ISS. It was the first Time that a privately built and operated Crew van from American soil, flew to the ISS. The aim of the USA is to send back even manned flights to the space station and to no longer be dependent on Russia.

Since the end of the Shuttle programme of Nasa in the year 2011, astronauts can be reached only with Russian Soyuz capsules to the ISS. The United States in the future want to focus more on private companies for manned missions into space.


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