After the murder of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke, forensic technicians have identified the murder weapon, without a doubt. Your opinion will be a burden difficult for the suspect, Stephan E., reported the “mirror” at the Tuesday evening online.

Accordingly, the fatal shot was delivered at Lübcke with a gun in the caliber .38 special, the E. had buried with the other weapons on the premises of his employer. The Federal Prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe did not want to comment on the report on Wednesday.

According to “Spiegel Online” is a short-barreled Revolver of the Brazilian producer Rossi. Stephan E., had reported to the investigators after his arrest, the hiding place, and the names of two men called, he had come to the murder weapon.

Due to this statement, Elmar sit J. and Markus, H. also in custody, charged with accessory to murder. In the meantime, e has to call his detailed confession to resist.

The CDU politician Lübcke had been killed at the beginning of June on the terrace with a shot to the head. DNA traces at the crime scene led to E. sitting since the middle of June in U-detention. Because there is much evidence of an extreme right-wing Background of the fact, is now the attorney General in the investigation.

E. had originally testified that he had seen his family due to criminal aliens threatened him Islamist attacks had stirred up strong. Lübcke, which was defended by 2015, the establishment of a refugee accommodation in Kassel, he had given it to blame.

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