for the murder of his two children has been sentenced to a father by the district court of Darmstadt to life imprisonment. Against the co-defendant’s mother, the chamber ruled due to aid in the grisly deed to twelve years in prison.

The court saw it as proven that the 59-Year-old killed the 13-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter last August in her parents ‘ house in the South Mörlenbach, stabbed, and then the beds with the corpses lit up had. In the case of the father, the particular gravity of the guilt, it was found, what a release from prison after 15 years excludes, in practice, as well as.

the process in Darmstadt

they died in the nursery – who killed Anton and Emilia?

A large house, two happy children, a life in luxury. It seems as if Werner and Christiane H. hit the jackpot. Then a crime happens.

vit / DPA