At the 6. In may 1999, a cruel murder shocked the residents in the Berlin District of Nikolassee, with its villas from the 30s. A cyclist discovered at the spring day a man on the sidewalk, bleeding. The woman calls an ambulance, but the Doctors can no longer help the man. He dies a little later in the hospital.

Dr. Piotr flowers floor was shot, the bullets hit him in the head. In the light of day. The 45-Year-old was on his way to his wife and son, not a five-minute walk from his home, the perpetrator turned his gun on the father of a family.

For the police, the lengthy investigation: forensics, witnesses began to ask, Clues to pursue. Over and over again.

Vladimir Svintkovski is considered to be a “transformation artist”

The victim was a doctor, he sold drugs and sold them to Eastern Europe. There, he was able to use his contacts, his family came from Poland. He had, according to the “daily mirror” for decades, the German passport. The business was good. A motive for the murder is? There were competitors who wanted to clear the dealer out of the way? Several business partners of debt had with him, he should have felt threatened. To do this, it should be suspicious of calls from Russians. Quickly, the investigators suspected a Contract killing, but a Suspect you can’t present to the Public. For months, not weeks, for years.

twelve years

Cold Case Georgine Krüger: the investigators were on the trail of the Suspect

more than twelve years Ago, the then 14-year-old Georgine Krüger disappeared without a trace. Now the police have arrested a Suspect who is said to have killed the girl. How came to him, the investigators, after all the years on the track?

By Patrick Rösing

Only now, almost 20 years after the murder,, published in the official photos: are you looking for Vladimir Svintkovski, now 67 years old, about 1.67 m tall, also a Pole with Russian roots. May be he has contacts with a group of Eastern European Hitman.

Why the police only now to the Public, and how long it has Svintkovski in suspicion, not to say a speaker at a star-question of determination tactical reasons. The case had never been filed; murder Statute of limitations never.

The pictures of Vladimir Svintkovski are from the 1990s. The red Beard and red hair are likely to be or graying pales. In addition, The 67-Year-old is under investigators, as a “quick-change artist”. “He regularly wears different wigs and changed his beard hair. May be he has changed his face with plastic surgery and looks much younger,” it says in the Bolo, which was published in several languages. The police chasing the Poland of an international arrest warrant.

the police of the murder, after almost 20 years,

enlighten Where he is, is totally unclear. Sure, The Suspect traveled is just: very much abroad. Finally, he speaks several languages, including German, Polish and Russian, and he is said to have Connections to Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Austria, the USA, the Netherlands and Canada. For his travels Svintkovski – uses to the extent possible – mostly the train, planes, he avoids.


mysterious Disappearance – she wanted to buy candy and was never seen again

By Daniel Wüstenberg

The Wanted is for the police, there is no Unknown. Already in 1995, he was indicted for murders of two art – and antique dealers in Berlin, they were killed in 1993, also with shots to the head. However, the circumstantial evidence was not enough, in the end Svintkovski was convicted only because of the handling of stolen goods, and from the Federal Republic of shown. The Berlin public Prosecutor’s office believes that he has returned to commit the murder in Nikolassee.

Also, the Polish police are looking for the 67-Year-old. You can find him in the suspicion of the owner of a currency exchange shot. In the year 2000, the Searched-for dove, since then, lacking any trace of him. The investigators suspect that Vladimir Svintkovski lives somewhere under a false identity, in the past, he often made use of the Alias identity.

In the search can possibly help it, habits of the Suspect: He should always have the luxury of looking for, drove a Porsche, wore tailored suits, and often visited expensive Restaurants and casinos, especially the Roulette table, such as, among others, the ZDF-show “aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst”, reported. His life-style he maintained. In addition, the investigators suspect that Svintkovski has repeatedly visited because of his mental problems a specialist.

The Berlin homicide investigator’s hope is looking for any noticed someone. You ask:

Who knows Valdimir Svintkovski and can provide information as to his whereabouts?Who can give information on contact persons of the Searched?Who knows the places where the Searched-inverted or inverted?Who had contact to Svintkovski?

“aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst”

she wrote one last love-SMS. Since then, she was never seen again.

Since the publication of the wanted pictures of 34 notes to the Sought-after have been received. The officials working as of now, the escape of the “change artist” to finish, almost 20 years after the murder of Piotr flowers floor as soon as possible.

hints to the Berlin police

information on the whereabouts of Vladimir Svintkovski the Landeskriminalamt Berlin take under (030) 4664973209 or under [email protected] as well as any other police Department. For information leading to the clarification of the murder of Piotr flowers floor, has exposed to the public Prosecutor’s office a reward of up to 10,000 euros. Information about the mug is also available on the website of the Berlin police and the Federal criminal police office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA).

The BKA warns that The fugitive is considered armed and dangerous!

sources: Berlin police Department, Federal Bureau of investigation, “aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst”, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, “The daily mirror”