In the murder case, Lübcke have been taken to two other people. The Federal government confirmed the legal profession on Thursday. According to information from “Spiegel Online” and “” is the seller and the intermediary of the weapons for Stephan E. According to information from various media there had been earlier searches. This information was found according to dpa, even weapons that should belong to the Suspect, Stefan E..

According to information from NDR, WDR and “süddeutsche Zeitung” it came in the night to Thursday to the searches. A spokesman for the investigating special Commission Liemecke told the German press Agency: “We confirm that there has been in different places of the police measures.”

Stephan E. had numerous weapons

According to the NDR, WDR and “süddeutsche Zeitung” had placed e. in his confession openly, that he has numerous weapons – in addition to the murder weapon, a Pump-Gun and a machine pistol type Uzi with ammunition. He called the Details of how he has procured and revealed the hideouts. Investigators found several weapons said to be in a Erddepot on the premises of his employer. Stephan E. worked for a railroad supplier in Kassel. According to the report, there are five weapons.

a right-wing extremist Stephan E.

confession in the murder case, Lübcke: doubt as to individual perpetrators-These remain


those arrested are, according to the media, the seller and the intermediary, the purchase of Weapons reports. The last should be from Kassel, the alleged seller come from North Rhine-Westphalia. The attorney General investigating them in connection with the murder weapon because of aid to murder.

tis / DPA