Why not just shoot a stranger in the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke (CDU)? There is a political motive? Or the backgrounds in the private sector are looking to? Police and prosecutors are for days, with dozens of officials – so far without measurable success.

To the Public, the investigators keep a very low profile, and warn against speculation, one of which is “arg many” were in circulation. The conjecture would bring “scary unrest,” a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. You could hamper investigations and even destroy it.

The star provides answers to the key questions about the controversial criminal case:

What with the arrest from Saturday on?

The police announced on Sunday that it had arrested on Saturday a male Person “in custody, and with the aim of gathering information until the late evening hours, interviewed”. In the absence of any evidence to points to a involvement of the result. The man was discharged 24 hours later. Who it is, is not known. “For the protection of the Person” the authorities have no further information.

politician shot

case Lübcke: paramedic to the scene of the crime “cleaned” and have

For confusion provides a second – almost the same word – communication from the investigators on Tuesday that on Saturday a male Person in the lower Saxony Harlesiel on the North sea coast in custody and taken to Kassel transferred was. “At the time of the survey, no indication there were points in support of a complicity”, – stated in the message. The man had been dismissed.

Whether the two reported in custody increased by one and the same Person, not to say a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Kassel on star request, out of respect for the personality rights of the person Concerned.

the local police of Wilhelmshaven was covering. You informed about a speaker ledigiglich that there had been on Saturday afternoon, on two ferries that run between Harlesiel and Wangerooge island, a visit from the police. “The police action, the force from lower Saxony were used, took place in a different state.” For more information not, not also wanted to make the police Wilhelmshaven, “to threaten determination tactical reasons and the ongoing proceedings”.

the investigators also unrelated cases of murder hours of questioning, however, it is not unusual. Also, casual Acquaintances, work colleagues or other persons from the environment of the victim can afford the smallest information of their share to the elucidation of crimes.

What is the death of Walter Lübckes backed known?

so Far, prosecutors and police have released little information about the circumstances of the Deaths and the progress of the investigation. It is established that the top officials in the night from Saturday, 1. June, on Sunday, the 2. June, dead on the terrace of his residential house in wolf Hagen-Istha was discovered. He died of a gunshot wound to the head. The shot has been delivered according to the investigation at close range with a “short gun”, so with a pistol or a Revolver. The investigators did not include information on whether a murder weapon was found. At the time of the fact, even members in the house Lübckes had been. In the immediate vicinity of the crime scene, a fun Fair was held.

How does the police?

shortly after the death of the 65-Year-old, police set up the special Commission (Soko) “Liemecke”. Under the direction of the crime of Aldi rector Daniel Muth considered to be around 50 civil servants to determine, in the meantime, at night and on weekends. The Soko brings together many experienced professionals: forensics officials, experts on digital evaluations, police psychologists or professionals for interviews. Among other things, they want to reconstruct the last hours in the life of Walter Lübcke. To do this, values together continuously for information, including photo and video files were provided to the investigators from the population. Overall, the Soko is currently working on “at least 160 notes,” said Andreas Thöne, spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Kassel, the star. How concrete they are, he said. Among other things, there was also in the ZDF-show “aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst” is a stuff call.

Tasteless comments

rights to celebrate the death of Walter Lübcke in the network

German, not to stand up for our fundamental values, could leave the country. This statement of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke of 2015 is many Right, apparently, reason enough to be happy about his violent death.

In the Past. there had been death threats against Lübcke as the head of the government Presidium of Kassel, that was in the refugee crisis in the accommodation of Refugees in a leading role in the North of Hesse. He fought back against abusive calls, and on an event say, who do not share certain values of living together, could leave the country. The was 2015. A connection to the fact, not to see the investigator, but, as of yet. “We have always stressed that we keep track of different strands and in all directions detect,” the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office.

the police still Needed information?

Yes. The investigators ask for “Tathinweise in any Form”, as you wrote recently in a call. This includes additional photo – and video-recordings, the on the in the vicinity of the crime scene to be held Carnival on Saturday, the 1. June, between 22 and 1 o’clock of the next day were made. A witness that observed in the evening and in the night in wolf Hagen-Istha Suspicious or a Bang belongs to, are invited to register with the Soko. The officials can be contacted at the phone number (0561) 9104444 and (0561) 9101008, as well as by E-Mail at [email protected] to.

when Walter Lübcke buried?

The funeral for the longtime Governor of North Hessen is for the 13. June, in Kassel, Germany, is planned. It should be a service in the Church of St. Martin. Lübcke to the statements in “Protocol of Honor” awards, as a spokeswoman for the Hesse state government announced. The coffin should be covered with the Hessian flag. Police officers and Bundeswehrsoldaten to hold a guard of honour. As a speaker, among other things, the state of Hesse is expected to be Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU). The funeral in the family circle will be held at a later date.

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