a number of researchers warn in the light of the assassination of the North Hesse Prime Minister Walter Lübcke from the danger of a new terror from the Right: “The next 12 to 18 months will be particularly dangerous,” said Gideon Botsch the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”. He is head of the research centre for anti-Semitism and right-wing extremism of the Moses Mendelssohn center at the University of Potsdam.

As a risk factor message called a frustration-influenced right-wing scene, including the decline in attention for protests, such as in the case of Pegida. It was “likely that with the Slackening of attention for such groups are likely to increase the terrorist acts”. Until the middle of 2018, these groups have propagated a political upheaval. This did not work. This frustration could now mobilize some of the cells again, and they will continue to radicalize.

researchers also makes the AfD responsible

“The enemy images are marked,” said message, the power of the AfD in this context, responsible. “Since the AfD has are clear, because Pegida has are. All of these forces that distance themselves officially from violence, have contributed significantly to the incitement.”


The Genralbundesanwalt determined

murder case, Lübcke: “The most obvious and wanted to have some investigators come true”

pointed out to The democracy center of the University of Marburg to the fact that the extreme-right scene in the state of Hesse have enough potential for Violence, for such an act. “If you go to the chronicle of the threats of violence in the last few years, it is not far-fetched,” said the head of Reiner Becker at the request of the German press Agency. So there had been threats against the mayor in the refugee crisis and against the NSU-victims-lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz. And, in the case Lübcke someone may have done “such threats, unfortunately, true.”

According to Becker, the extreme right-wing structures. “Compared to a few years ago, we have in the North of Hesse, and especially in Kassel, no manifestos scene more.” Extreme right-wing groups such as the Association “Sturm 18” and “resistance” have been banned or no longer enter the public appearance. The classic camaraderie, there is less and less, only the NPD and the Identitarian movement would still occur visible.

Social networking replace classical forms of organisation

“This has to do with it, that there is a need for these forms of organization,” said Becker. People communicated differently, social networks played a major role. Instead of local networking you experience points to a high level of mobility events with the right Connection. So it’s come to the bizarre mixtures, for example with the martial arts, yellow West – or hooligan scene. “Even if it should be a single offender, one must not assume that he is completely isolated from other persons with the extreme right setting,” said Becker.

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payday CDU politician

What we do know in the case of lubcke and what is not

The policy science scientist Hajo Funke of the “Passauer Free press” said: “This was a cold-blooded murder of a top German politician. He is very reminiscent of the murder of Halit Yozgat in 2006 in Kassel, which is associated with the extreme right-wing NSU.” Both in Kassel and in Dortmund, there is a dense and talks of violent neo-Nazi network. These are also connected to each other. “These are highly dangerous networks,” says Funke. “The Federal Prosecutor’s office is now well positioned in this area and has insights that we don’t have.”

Before two weeks of Kassel President of the government, Walter Lübcke (CDU), had been killed on the terrace of his house in Kassel by a shot to the head. Since Sunday, the 45-year-old Stephan E. sits under suspicion of murder detention. The General office of the attorney General sees a right-wing extremist Background to the crime and has taken over the investigation.

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