Between the Team of US President Donald Trump, and Russia, it has given, according to the assessment of FBI special investigator Robert Mueller is no collusion to alleged Russian election campaign influence.

The summary of Mueller’s report to the U.S. Congress. Trump was completely relieved. Immediately after the publication of the Details on Sunday, a fierce debate between Republicans and Democrats over the sovereignty of interpretation of the information ensued.

In the second part of his nearly two-year investigation, Mueller came in contrast to the Russia-Part no final judgment. In the question of whether Trump got disabled with the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, the justice, met with the special investigator, therefore, no definition, but he presented evidence for both views. The report does not, not come to the conclusion that the President had committed a crime, he is exonerated him but also it was said in the four-page summary of justice Minister William Barr to the Parliament.

In contrast to Mueller Barr laid down in this point. He stated that he had been advised on the basis of the results of Mueller’s investigation of a possible obstruction of justice, with his Deputy, Rod Rosenstein. Together they had come to the conclusion that the evidence was not sufficient to Trump to prove this point, a criminal Offence.

Trump to handle the little later, on Twitter, and emphasized that the accusations against him were refuted. “No secret agreements, no obstruction (of justice), complete and total relief.” Before his flight back from Palm Beach, Florida, to Washington, he also gave a short Statement in which he referred to the now completed investigation as “illegal”.

The Deputy White house spokesman, Hogan Gidley, said, Trumps mood was “very good”. He was “very happy” about the outcome of the investigation. According to him, Trump had no access to the full report, Mueller’s, but only to Barr’s letter.

Mueller had handed over its report on Friday to the Minister of justice and his research on the Russia-affair to Trump, after almost two years to complete. The complete paper should remain according to the will of the Ministry of justice is confidential. The Democrats interfere with very. They demand the release of the full report and the underlying evidence and documents.

The Democrats criticize Barr, above all, that he has set in the matter of obstruction of Justice. Mueller did not relieve Trump to clearly and explicitly, wrote to the democratic Chairman of the judiciary Committee in the house of representatives, Jerry Nadler, on Twitter. Mueller identified 22 months to the question, Barr I, however, decided within two days that one could blame Trump, no obstruction of justice. Nadler announced that it plans to charge the Minister before the Committee.

Mueller is the summary of the Ministry of justice estimates that there have been several offers from people with Connections to Russia, to help Trumps choice fight camp. The special investigators have, however, found no evidence that there had been in connection with the alleged Russian hacker attacks on the computers of the Democrats and the subsequent publication of E-Mails to the collusion between the Trump camp and the Russian government. Comes to the same conclusion of the special investigators, according to the Ministry of justice also with regard to alleged Attempts by a Russian organization to disseminate during the election campaign targeted the wrong information.

Trump said on Sunday that the allegations of collusion with representatives of Russia were “the most Ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard”. He added: “It is a shame that our country had to go through this. (…) It is a shame that your President had to go through that.” He described the investigations as an unsuccessful attempt to push him illegally from the office. Trump was Mueller’s investigation is always a huge thorn in the eye. Again and again he had referred to them as “witch-hunt”.

Mueller held the post since may of 2017. His work has led to more than 30 charges, including six people from Trumps environment.

Mueller’s Team obtained according to Barr’s information is almost 500 search warrants, and issued 13 requests to foreign governments, and interviewed about 500 witnesses, including trump’s former communications Director, Hope Hicks. The President of Mueller respondents, however, not personally. Trump answered the questions from the special investigator in writing.