U.S. attorney General William Barr is the controversial report of the Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller until mid-April, the members of Congress and available to the Public.

“are All able to read him,” wrote Barr in a letter to the parliamentarians in Washington, the “Washington Post” quoted.

Trump, the report was surprisingly lightly down, was combative. “I have absolutely nothing to hide,” he said on Friday at his Weekend home Mar-a-Lago in Florida. He had also full confidence in the Minister of justice.

The Democrats complained, however, they had demanded that Barr should report no later than 2 April submit. “The deadline still stands,” said the democratic Chairman of the judiciary Committee in the house of representatives, Jerry Nadler, on Friday on Twitter. He turned further, however, that Barr wool black the report in part.

it remained Unclear however, first of all, how much of the almost 400-page report is redacted. Blackened, about information to people, against the determined, but against which no charge is levied. Sensitive secret service information must not be made public.

The report should not go in advance of Trump. The President stated that he does not want to make use of this right. The Minister of justice himself would on 1. and 2. May the members of Parliament in the house of representatives and the Senate.

The investigations of the special Prosecutor, Mueller had dominated the political life in the United States for two years significantly. They were followed up, among other things, the question of whether the election camp of the current President, Donald Trump might have made common cause with Russia. The report came to the conclusion that it is not there for such an assertion with sufficient evidence. To the question of whether Trump has intervened in the dismissal of the former FBI chief James Comey in the investigation of the judiciary, the report said.

Trump will now proceed, in turn, against the author of the allegations. In the interview, the Insertion of a second special investigator is even. The President is of the opinion that any of his successors could such injustice to befall him.