The interest is enormous, the voltage is high: After almost two years of inquiries for Details on the findings of special investigator Robert Mueller in the Russia affair, US President, Donald Trump will be known.

The Ministry of justice will publish on Thursday in Parts of the blackened Version of Mueller’s report. So far, only a summary of the 400-page report is known.

Minister of justice, William Barr declined to comment on Thursday morning (local time) at a press conference. As a spokesperson for the Ministry said, is not to be released the document in advance. The NBC News reported, the report should be handed over on CD to the Congress, and then on the website of the special investigator published.

Democrats criticized the planned procedure sharp. The Chairman of the judiciary Committee in the house of representatives, Jerry Nadler, described it as a false approach that Barr wool to hold prior to the publication of the report, a press conference and the members should only get after the appearance of the Minister the Report.

Mueller had thoroughly investigated, whether or not Trumps choice fight camp collusion, met with Russian government representatives regarding the alleged interference by Moscow in the US election of 2016 – and whether the President is disabled of the judiciary. Barr left the Congress on may 24. March, a four-page summary of Mueller’s final report. Accordingly, Mueller came to the conclusion that there was no evidence of collusion between Trumps Team and Russia. However, the Tenor of this summary is quite controversial.

on The question of whether Trump with the dismissal of then-FBI chief James Comey have obstructed the justice, met with Mueller, therefore, no definition, but put the evidence for and against. Barr came on this basis to the conclusion that the President had to make in this point, no criminal charges. Trump saw through the summary of his Minister exonerated of all charges.

In media reports, it was said, however, some investigators from Mueller’s Team were of the opinion that Barr had not reproduced the results of the investigation adequate and that these were for Trump problematic, as the Minister performing it. The Democrats complained loudly that they wanted no summary or Interpretation of the Minister, but the complete and UN-shaded – Mueller-report and the underlying evidence. Yet they remained without success.

Trump had repeatedly stated that he had not read the report yet. The “New York Times” reported on Wednesday, representatives of the Ministry of justice would have led in the past few days, several conversations with lawyers from the White house about Mueller’s findings. These conversations have helped trump’s legal counsel, in response to the report. It is planned a kind of “counter-report”.

Barr, had explained to members of Congress a few days ago, which parts of the Mueller-would be blacked out report. There were four categories: Affected, certain court information, information to intelligence sources, to ongoing lawsuits, as well as information relating to the privacy of the “secondary actors” who are not indicted.

Mueller’s investigations have led to more than 30 charges. Including six persons from Trumps environment – for example, his former election campaign chief, Paul Manafort, his Ex-Advisor George Papadopoulos and his long-time companion, Roger Stone.

Mueller’s Team obtained according to information from the Ministry of justice, almost 500 search warrants, and issued 13 requests to foreign governments, and interviewed about 500 witnesses, including trump’s former communications Director, Hope Hicks. The President inquired of Mueller as well, but not personally: Trump the questions of the special investigator replied to in writing.