a week after the sinking of the cargo ship “MSC Zoe” in the North sea, the salvage of the many starts at the sea floor is scattered containers.

A first Dutch salvage ship to arrive today at the mouth of the EMS near the German border, and there, first of all, two containers of bergen. A spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of infrastructure and water management said on the request of the German press Agency.

The container ship was on the way to Bremerhaven on the night of the 2. January according to the latest information 291 Container lost, including two involving dangerous substances. Around 20 were at the beaches been washed up.

most of The containers in the sea were detected. A total of around 270 Container must be from the bottom of the North sea lifted. About 20 were located in Borkum. Most of the containers are located on the very busy Route for cargo ships. “It’s like a highway,” said Ministry spokesman Edwin de Feijter. Therefore, the recovery will not be easy. “It will be weeks, if not months.” The Swiss shipping company MSC had agreed to take up the cost. For the recovery of a total of three ships would be used, said de Feijter. The experts also want to work with underwater cameras.

The “MSC Zoe”, with almost 400 metres in length, one of the largest container ships in the world, had in the night of the 2. January lost on the way to Bremerhaven, according to the latest information 291 Container. Most of them are on the bottom of the sea. Some 20 containers had been broken open and on the beaches washed up.

the beaches were covered cabinets with plastic, Styrofoam, shoes, toys, or cool. According to information from the shipping company now has more than 1200 tonnes of cargo have been collected. However, environmentalists and the mayor of the Islands fear long-term damage caused by plastic waste.


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