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Mrs. America: Plot, Cast, Updates and All Details You Need To Know

Mrs. America is an American historical drama series that airs on FX network. The mini-series aired on FX which is a sister streaming platform of Hulu. The mini-series was a huge success and earned great critical acclaim by the critics and the audience. The drama series is a must-watch if you like political dramas. We have gathered all the details about Mrs. America and if you are eager to know more about the min-series then this post is the right spot for you.

What is the movie Mrs. America about?

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Mrs. America is based on the Equal rights Amendment. The drama has a backdrop of 1970 and the ERA guarantees that women and men would have equal rights. The movement is led by a woman called Phyllis Schlafly. The approval for ERA is sent to Congress and the Senate so that the movement is accepted and then regulated in the country. If both the democratic and republican parties support the movement could be passed on easily.

Phyllis Schlafly is worried that the move would benefit the woman who chooses to stay at home and raise children. Phyllis Schlafly along with the other women fight with the network of housewives who are under her launch a movement to fight against the discrimination against women who stay at home. Episode one is focused on Phyllis Schlafly and the episodes later focus on the first black woman who was elected for the US congress.

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Is Mrs. America a limited series?

Mrs. America that airs on Hulu is a limited series. The miniseries aired 9 episodes and each episode had a social message delivered. Each episode of the historical drama series has a special message for the audience, especially for the women. The drama motivates women to fight for their rights.

Who is in the cast of Mrs. America?

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The cast of Mrs. America includes the following actors:

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How to watch Mrs. America online?

Mrs. America is airing on Hulu as a part of FX Hulu. There is a new program that is called FX on Hulu. Hulu will now be the most comprehensive streaming service that will air the content on the FX network. FX has partnered up with Hulu and the channel will be expanding its reach with new content. Mrs. America is an original content of FX but it will air on Hulu.

What is the release date, Mrs. America?

Mrs. America released on April 15, 2020. It aired for a total of 9 episodes and concluded on May 27, 2020. The series was critically acclaimed by the critics and received positive reviews from the audience online. If you haven’t watched the series then you must give it a try because it is a must-watch for all those people who love political dramas with a social message.

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