Due to devastating Floods in the centre of the country after the severe tropical storm “Idai” Mozambique’s government declared a state of emergency. In addition, three days of national mourning apply from Wednesday, to commemorate the victims of the cyclone, as President Filipe Nyusi declared.

Earlier, Nyusi had advise the particular from the storm-affected port city of Beira on Tuesday afternoon with his Cabinet. In the city with around 500,000 inhabitants, it is also less than a week after the Arrival of the storm, no electricity, large parts of the city and surrounding areas are flooded. Nyusi had warned on Monday it could be at least 1000 deaths.

The cyclone “Idai” with the strength of four out of five was taken in the night of Friday, with wind gusts of up to 160 kilometers per hour from the Indian ocean at Beira on the country. It storm surges and massive Flooding followed. In the Hinterland of Beira, the river level increase due to continuing rain.

on Tuesday, a UN spokesman said that two large rivers would have formed due to the floods, “kilometer-long inland seas”. The United Nations (UN) speak now of a “massive catastrophe”. The Red cross announced that around 400,000 people could be temporarily homeless.