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Switzerland: man after one and a half hours from avalanche is rescued (20.23 PM)-Executive Board dies after traffic accident (15.36 hours)Confidential meeting between Merkel and May (at 15.20), More than 1000 pigs in the barn fire died (8.40 PM), Lufthansa machine returns to (6.04 PM)

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+++ 20.23 clock: saver man mountains one and a half hours from the avalanche +++

Swiss rescue workers have freed close to the Göscheneralp South of Lucerne, with a buried man after one and a half hours alive from an avalanche. The man had been recorded on a street of the wet snow, said the air rescue service (Rega). He has been completely buried by the snow masses. “Thanks to a cavity of the man had apparently plenty of air until rescuers could find and dig up,” said Rega. A search dog tracked him down. A this kind of doctor took care of the supercooled and resources badly injured man on the spot, before he was flown in a helicopter to the hospital.

+++ 19.52 PM: police closes the tomb in the case of Monika fresh wood complete +++

The excavations in the upper Palatinate, in the case of for nearly 43 years, missing Monika fresh wood for the time being. Next, the investigator would have to sift through the results, said a police spokesman. The officers had searched since Monday in the municipality of Flossenbürg, on the border to the Czech Republic with excavators, after the body of the missing student. The then twelve-year-old was on 25. May 1976, disappeared after she had left her parents ‘ home in Flossenbürg. The investigators believe that she was murdered. In the search this week, the investigators found, according to their own information, among other things, small parts of Bone, where the bone of an animal act is likely to, based on first investigations, but probably. In-depth analyses could take several days or even weeks, it said. In addition, a car had been found plate number in the vehicle wreckage, the spokesman said. This, coming from Northern Bavaria. Details of the speaker is not called first.

+++ 19.33 PM: Seven Dead in suicide attack in Egypt +++

In a suicide attack on a police patrol on the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, according to official data, seven people, and the perpetrators have been killed. Among the Victims were four policemen and three civilians, the Egyptian interior Ministry announced. A further 26 people had been injured. The terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) claimed the fact on the Internet.

+++ 19.14 PM: New Minister of the environment is completed by men in government in Lithuania +++

the Cabinet without women: With the performance of duties of the new Minister for the environment, Kestutis Mazeika of Lithuania has officially a male-only government. The 36-year-old Deputy of the ruling Union of farmers and Greens laid in Parliament on Tuesday in Vilnius, the oath of office and took the last vacant Post. In the Wake of a Cabinet reshuffle, government chief Saulius Skvernelis the end of 2018, had dismissed the previous head of Department, together with the two Ministers for culture and for education; their Offices have been a little busy later with followers. Since then, the government of the Baltic EU and Nato country is locking a Men.

+++ 18.44 PM: Indian Bishop for the rape of a nun accused +++

A Catholic Bishop in India has been accused of the rape of a nun. The Bishop Franco Mulakkal also placed a restriction of Freedom, coercion and unnatural sexual intercourse with the load, as the chief of police of the district of Kottayam in the South Indian state of Kerala, Hari Sankar, said. Mulakkal a life imprisonment threatens. He denies the deeds. A nun from Kerala, belonging to the same diocese as Mulakkal, accuses him of have you from 2014, two years abused over and over again. When she had it displayed and first months nothing happened, protested a group of nuns. You accused among other things of the Church, not to put you under pressure not to testify against Mulakkal.

+++ 18.35 PM: AfD sent members of Otten in the election to the Bundestag Vice-President +++

After several futile attempts, the AfD is on Thursday with a new candidate in the election of the Bundestag Vice-President. The group is certain on Tuesday the Bundestag Gerold Otten to your candidates for the office, a spokesman said. The 63-year-old former professional soldier to fill in for the AfD, the vacant Post in the Bureau. With their previous two candidates for the Vice chair of the AfD in the plenary had fallen. The party had first sent to the members Albrecht Glaser into the race, and then a member of Parliament Mariana the Harder-Kühnel – this had failed at the ballot last Thursday, for the third Time. The Parliament, the managing Director of the groups agreed then, on Tuesday, for Thursday, a new ballot shall be recognised, provided that the AfD nomination.

+++ 18.31 PM: space-based armed force of the United States is intended to include 15,000 to 20,000 people +++

just before the 70. Birthday of the basic law, the vast majority of people in Germany, according to a survey by the German Constitution. Around nine out of ten respondents (88 per cent) are of the view that the basic law is “very good” or “good” in the past years. The of a representative study by the opinion research Institute Infratest dimap under the election legitimate, to be published. Germany celebrates on may 23. May 70 Years Of The Basic Law.

+++ 18.10: U.S. Department of justice, the Minister intends to submit redacted Mueller-report +++

US attorney General William Barr will present next week in Parts of the redacted Version of the report by special investigator Robert Mueller to Russia-investigation. His original schedule until the middle of April should stay to be, said Barr at a hearing in the budget Committee of the U.S. house of representatives. “Within a week I’ll be able to make the report available to the Public.” Mueller examined whether Trumps the election campaign, the camp met in collusion with representatives of Russia and whether or not Trump disabled the judiciary.

Barr has so far only released a four-page summary of the report. Trump sees this summary of his Minister by 24. March exonerated of all charges. In the past few days, there had been media reports that some of the investigators were from Mueller’s Team is of the opinion that Barr had not reproduced the results of the investigation are adequately addressed, and that these were for Trump problematic, as Barr had put it close.

+++ 18.04 PM: soccer fan stabbed to death – suspect after two months +++

two months Ago a young football fan in the Berlin District was stabbed to death in focus Prenzlauer Berg – and now the police have taken a Suspect. They arrested the 29-Year-olds in Finsterwalde. The public Prosecutor had issued an arrest warrant against the alleged perpetrator, the man sitting in the Berlin detention. The Suspect had not commented so far, the Background of the “aggression outbreak” is still unclear. Details of the possible motive of the act could not do so, the spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office. According to a report in the newspaper “B. Z.” is supposed to be the 29-Year-old to the police as a violent known.

+++ 17.47 PM: Boeing-deliveries break to the 737 Max being banned from a +++

The U.S. aviation giant Boeing has suffered in numbers in the Wake of a global start-bans for his two crashes in the future series, 737 Max, a break-in of the delivery. In the first quarter of 89 machines of the Boeing 737 series went on, the clientele, the group announced on Tuesday. In the prior-year period, there were still 132. Deliveries of commercial aircraft in total, there was a decline from 184 to 149 machines.

+++ 17.23 PM: Four months in jail for 85-Year-old because of repeated shoplifting +++

Because a Pensioner repeatedly had stolen cosmetics, and food needs for four months in prison. Thus, the district court of Memmingen (Bavaria) confirmed to make a judgment of first instance. “The defendant tried to get the thing nice that you stole out of Hunger food. But it’s not just food but also cosmetics stolen,” said the Prosecutor in his summation.

+++ 15.47 PM: case-Chemnitz: office of the public Prosecutor brings charges against an interpreter +++

The public Prosecutor’s office in Chemnitz has been charged in connection with the process for the Chemnitzer knife attack can now also indictment of an interpreter. A spokeswoman for the investigative authority, confirmed on request. The charge of loud on attempted incitement to a false statement. Previously, Focus online had reported””. To not want to details of the spokesperson of the Prosecutor’s comment with reference to the ongoing criminal case against Alaa.

+++ 15.36 PM: Württemberg-the Board of Directors of a drunken motorist hit +++

The former head of the Württembergische insurance companies and President of the Board of management, Norbert Heinen, go for a bike ride from a drunk driver and fatally injured. He died Monday in a hospital, such as the Wüstenrot & Württembergische group (W&W) announced on Tuesday.

Heinen (64) was held on Sunday along with his wife in Troisdorf, near Bonn, at a traffic light, according to police, a 38-lost Years of control of his car and the two delivery. The man initially fled, but was later caught. With him for more than 2.2 per thousand were measured. Heinens 62-year-old wife was seriously injured in the accident.

+++ 15.20: Confidential conversation between Merkel and May +++

Shortly before the EU special summit to want to get the Prime Minister Theresa May back cover with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. They came together – a few minutes early for lunch with her to a meeting in Berlin. Details about the one and a half hour Meeting were not known. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said it was a confidential conversation. Both Government want a chaotic Britain out of the EU exit on 12. April – that’s next Friday – stop.

+++ 14.25 PM: German authorities are investigating in the case of in Thailand murdered Hilde heimerin +++

After the murder of a German tourist in Thailand, the German authorities will turn on in the case. As the public Prosecutor’s office in Hildesheim, informed, initiated as usual in such cases a criminal investigation. Shortly after the discovery of the corpse of the 27-year-old German, a 23-year-old Thai garbage man was arrested on charges of murder and rape, how the investigative authorities said on Tuesday.


24-year-old island resident was raped and kill German travelers

A tourist the body of a young German on an island in the vicinity of Bangkok, buried under several stones. A short time later, the police arrested in Thailand, a 24-year-old man who shows up in the interrogation confessed.

DPA +++ 13.58 PM: Trump EU threatens due to Airbus subsidies +++

US President Donald Trump, the European Union has threatened in a dispute over subsidies for aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The EU had taken advantage of the United States in the trade for many years, tweeted Trump. “It will stop soon!” After the world have established trade organisation (WTO) that the subsidies to Airbus damage to the United States, would impose these additional duties on EU products to a value of 11 billion dollars (9.8 billion euros), announced Trump. This is the value of the United States to quantify its alleged damage caused by EU subsidies for Airbus.

+++ 13.15: Brexit: the EU countries want Britain prolongation of the term of grant offer +++

in the countries of the EU Agreement, the UK is according to diplomats, in principle, a further Brexit-delay. Just before the special summit this Wednesday will only discussed about the conditions for an extension of time and the duration, it was said after a Ministerial meeting in Luxembourg to prepare for the meeting.

A part of the member States, therefore, is the exit period, as the government in London wished for – to 30. To extend June. Another part prefers a longer delay, the risk of renewed discussions in the summer of exclude. The Trend in the direction of a longer term, it said.

A condition for a re-displacement of the Leaving date should be that of the Britons to participate in may at the European elections. This is to ensure that there are no legal difficulties, if the United Kingdom should be in the summer still a member of the EU, but no deputies elected.

+++ 12.38 PM: in case of abuse Staufen judgment against 37-Year-old legally +++

In the case of a year-long abuse of a child in Staufen near Freiburg, in the judgment of the district court of Freiburg against a man from Switzerland is quite strong. The Federal court of justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe rejected the Revision of the defendant against the judge’s decision, the Federal court of justice announced. The court in Freiburg, had condemned the then-37-year-old man from the Swiss Canton of St. Gallen in July last year, to nine years in prison, as well as to the payment of 14,000 euros for Pain and suffering. In addition, it ordered preventive detention. Against preventive detention, militarythe man te in front of the Supreme court, but without success. The man therefore had to Serve the sentence of imprisonment behind bars.


After judgment

the case of abuse of Staufen: victims ‘ lawyer accuses authorities of serious errors

Over the years, miss Berrin T. from Staufen (48) with her partner, Christian L. (39) her son. They sold it in the Darknet, to Free. The Freiburg regional court has sentenced all the accused to long prison sentences. Is not completed the case.

+++ 12.22 PM: Merkel and May speak before the EU summit on Brexit-shift +++

Shortly before the EU came special summit to Brexit in Brussels, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin with the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, to a preparatory meeting. Both want a Britain leaving the European Union without an agreement on the 12. April prevent.

May want a further delay of up to 30. June. EU Council President Donald Tusk has proposed a renewal for up to twelve months. The decision is expected on Wednesday evening or in the night to Thursday at a special summit of heads of state and government in Brussels.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the British Prime Minister at the Chancellery,

©Sean Gallup

in The evening (18 h) May also with the French President, Emmanuel Macron. He sees a further shift of the exit with great skepticism. The European Union could not be permanently hostage to a political crisis in London, he explained recently.