After the price increase at the pump, drivers and carriers will need to again put your hand in your wallet. In its edition of November 11, the Newspaper of The dimancheexplique that the highway toll will be more expensive from next February. An increase in habitual use, but who will be stronger this year. In fact, between 2019 and 2021, each licensee shall have the right to apply a surcharge of between 0,146 % and 0.22 %, depending on the case. To note that the new rates take into account inflation at the national level, and that the State has not yet determined this figure.

Potholes, pavement in bad condition, bridges caved in, the objective is to charge users of the highways to some 700 million euros of a plan of highway investment. On 7 November, the State published in the official Journal the latest amendments to concession contracts declining this device.

A project that is reborn from its ashes

APRR and Area are first involved, as well as ASF and Escota, which belong to a Vinci and which, with its other subsidiary Cofiroute, commit “381 million euros, of which 150 are funded by the local communities,” according to a leader of the group cited by the JDD.

Launched under François Hollande, in January 2017, this investment plan was in addition to a previous case decided in 2015. The government wanted to create 5 000 jobs and improve the road network at a local level, including developing the areas of carpooling. If a portion of the investments were supported by the local authorities, the rest is up to the motorists. In mid-2017, the regulator of the highway, the Arafer, has finally fully retoqué this plan. Emmanuel Macron and his ministers of Economy and Transport and have therefore had to create a new one.

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