Munich: motorist ignored stop signals to the police

With a particularly annoying motorists had to do it on Monday, a civil police of the police of Munich. The man could not be persuaded to control it and ignored all requests by the officers to stop his car. It was only when the police officers and Martin horn, and blue turned on the light, reacted with the 34-Year-old and slowed down.

The patrol car was parked then next to the Car of the man also, in order to prevent the Suspect fled. A good idea. Because, as the officials were got out and the car wanted to approach, rammed the 34-Year-old suddenly in front of him standing the vehicle and the patrol car. An officer had to jump according to the police, not to the side, in order not to be recognized. Their colleague hit the windshield on the passenger side, what made the man ultimately for the purpose of stopping permanently. You have pulled him from the vehicle and handcuffed, the officers in a press release. Against the 34-Year-old is now determined due to resistance against enforcement officials and the suspicion of the hazard of road transport.

Overall, there was a damage of 15,000 Euro to the three cars, the accident had to be closed for an hour and a half.

Lüdenscheid: woman holding bird droppings for color and the police

gets The case of a presumed color-Graffiti on a car can enlighten the police in North Rhine-Westphalia, Lüdenscheid quickly. A woman had called in because of the alleged property damage to your car by the police, such as those announced on Tuesday. The caller reported that her car had been sprayed with paint. With expert eyes, the crew of a patrol car, observed only 13 minutes after the call, the ‘polluter pays’: birds. Instead of the color of the car was smeared with passions “of some dirt sparrows” leave it all behind.

Remscheid: man burns on Park bench

In North Rhine-Westphalia Remscheid near Wuppertal, Germany, came to the fire, a Park bench, a man lost his life. A investigator group is now to clarify the identity of the dead and the cause of the fire, as police and prosecutors informed rushed in Wuppertal, Germany.

Accordingly, had reported to witnesses to the fire at about 2 o’clock in the night on Tuesday. If extinguishing a fire, the firefighters discovered the lifeless man on the Park bench. Further Details were not immediately known.


investigators are on the bench on Tuesday night, a Person burned is

©Tim Oelbermann DPA Aalen: million in damage after fire in battery factory

a fire in a battery factory in baden-württemberg, Schorndorf is a loss of about one and a half million Euro. The fire broke out on Monday evening in a production and warehouse hall, the police announced Aalen on Tuesday. The Arrival of the forces the struck fire from the roof.

The building was for the most part destroyed. The cause of the fire was initially unclear, because the building could not be entered. The fire brigade was with more than 80 staff in the use of.

Mannheim: young people of tram recorded

In Mannheim is a 15-Year-old from a tram has been captured and wounded. As reported by the police, crossed the young woman against 7 at the railroad tracks at the stop “Hauptbahnhof”. Since she was wearing headphones, didn’t hear you, apparently, the running-in end of rail. In the case of the collision of your leg was trapped. The Teenager could, however, exempt from the summoned rescue workers and medical supplies. Initial findings suggest that it should be only slightly injured.

Bad Nauheim: Pregnant woman killed, husband arrested

The police in Bad Nauheim has taken after the discovery of a woman’s body, the 24-year-old husband of the victim. He is suspected to have the 25-year-old pregnant woman killed. According to the man who was classified due to mental abnormalities, he was as dangerous, looked to the officials for Monday with high pressure. He could be put in a hardware store without a fight. He is supposed to come on Tuesday before a detention judge. This will decide on the possible placement of the man in custody or in a psychiatric hospital. The Suspects have so far been no information on the allegations, reported the Prosecutor’s office. The body of 25-Year-old had been found by the investigators, in the night to Monday after a witness note in a apartment in Bad Nauheim. The woman had come by “multiple sharp force trauma” killed, said the Prosecutor’s office on Monday in casting. Of determination tactical reasons, could currently are no further Details about the crime and the murder weapon. The Suspect is silent to the allegations.

news of Monday, 8. April

Menden: 28-kill Years of his mother in the dispute

In Menden (NRW) has taken a family dispute to a deadly end. As the police informed, was a 54-year-old woman with her son at first only verbally to each other, but then the Situation escalated. Accordingly, the 28-Year-old of his mother, inflicted fatal stab wounds before he was informed the officials about the offence and taken into custody.

According to the news portal “The West” to be the murder weapon, a Machete. Meanwhile, the public Prosecutor’s office in Arnsberg and the homicide Hagen included in the investigation. The 28-Year-old is to be presented according to the report, on Tuesday a judge.

Chemnitz: accident triggers a chain reaction of 76,000 euros in damages

has caused An accident in a Parking lot in the Saxon town of Annaberg-Buchholz is a chain reaction with € 76,000 damages. A total of nine vehicles were demolished in the accident on a supermarket Parking lot on Monday, the police announced in Chemnitz.

A 59-Year-old came up with his car first to the left and crashed into three parked cars. During the subsequent backward-collided the car to a shelter for shopping carts, as well as five other cars.

The accident was treated on an outpatient basis in a hospital. His 58-year-old passenger was uninjured.

Frankfurt/Main: police are hoping witnesses to the series of sexual Assault

In Frankfurt am Main, the criminal investigation Department in the event of a series of sexual Assaults on women, “with a high probability in the context determined”, as it is said in a press release.

Accordingly, had the officials been eleven reports of incidents that occurred all in the last few weeks. Specifically, it is determined due to sexual harassment, (sexual) assault or exhibitionist acts. Due to theway to go on the deeds as well as very similar perpetrator descriptions of the victims, the police believe that it could be the same killer. After the first eight Attacks had been displayed, were added in the past few days, according to police, three more.

a 23-Year-old was already on 7. March against 22.45 PM in the area of the stop Heister-/Seehof road from the rear and hereinafter referred to indecent touching had been attacked. The Victim fought back and threatened to call the police, which prompted the offender to flee.

last Friday, 5. April, then a 37-year-old woman a similar fate. She was attacked in the area of the Stresemann Allee at the corner of garden street also from the rear, and indecent touching. With a loud scream the woman led the perpetrators to escape. Only a day later was then attacked a 29-Year-old in the eckenheimer landstraße in the same way.

All of the Victims described the offender as about 170-180 centimeters tall. The man had dark been wearing and have worn a hoodie.

notes to the acts or the offender can give witnesses under the number 069/755-51399 to the investigator.

Neubrandenburg: Patient raises medical devices out of the window

In a hospital In Neubrandenburg in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has thrown a rampaging Patient medical equipment worth more than ten thousand euros out of the window. The 22-Year-old was on Monday with a rescue in the emergency room, admitted, the police announced. As he waited in a treatment room of a doctor, he began to rampage suddenly and destroyed a plate glass Window.

Then he threw in the device for blood diagnostics and an associated printer outside. There is a total damage in the amount of 10,600 euros, according to police. Alerted police officers were able to make the man calm. In the incident no one was hurt.

Cuxhaven: 54-Year-old falls from roof – dead

In lower Saxony, Cuxhaven took place on Saturday afternoon a fatal accident at work. The police announced on Monday, crashed a 54-Year-old in the case of cleaning for about six meters to work at a solar plant in the depths, where he hit the bottom of a Pit playpen.

The man got seriously injured in a hospital, where he died a short time later. Now the exact circumstances of the tragic incident should be clarified.

Springfield, VA: drone finds missing pensioner

a drone to rescue workers in lower Saxony have tracked down a missing pensioner. The helpers found the 87-Year-old thanks to a thermal imaging camera equipped drone in the night to Monday in Springfield, VA. How the German Red cross (DRK) announced in Uelzen, drove rescue workers to the location of the heat source and found the man alive and well, in a Meadow about a mile from his home. Firefighters, the police and the DRC had searched the night for the pensioners.

Hamburg: a 13-Year-old finds decomposed body parts

In the Fischbeker Heide, on the outskirts of Hamburg, a 13-year-old girl found on Saturday of human bones. As the “Hamburger Morgenpost” reported, the alarm, the parents of the student contacted the police who secured the crime scene. Identified the body could not be so far, since parts of the skeleton are missing. Also unclear is whether the Dead guy is a victim of crime. According to initial investigations, the police believe that the Unknown came about two years ago died. Only on Friday, Walker had discovered in the Fischbeker Heide two bodies.

Berlin: pub landlord offended guests and Hitler greeting – arrest

Because he should have shown, in a dispute with two guests, among other things, the Hitler salute, have been a pub landlord on Sunday evening in Berlin on a provisional basis. According to witnesses, the 54-Year-old against 20.40 had been with two men in a quarrel, in consequence of which he is said to have the Duo of xenophobic and anti-Semitic insults. He had shown also the banned Hitler salute and a guest spit, police said.

Alerted officials arrested the drunken host and then brought him the removal to the blood. In the meantime, he was free again. Now the state determines the protection of the land criminal police office.

Bremen: Long prison sentences for manslaughter of 15-year-old Syrian

Because of the killing of a 15-year-old Syrian refugee, the regional court of Bremen has sentenced three men to long terms in prison. Two of the 37 and the 26-year-old Turks must for manslaughter for each of the twelve years behind bars. A at the time 16-year-old German-Armenians, received on Monday a youth sentence of six years. The two brothers, and her now 18-year-old nephew had night her victim in Bremen in the new year 2016/2017 so brutally punched and kicked the 15-Year-old died a few days later in a hospital.

Berlin: woman stabbed in the neck hard

injured In Berlin-Spandau has been injured, on Sunday evening, a woman with a knife heavy. As the “Berliner Zeitung” reported to have been stabbed the victim with a knife in the neck, it came under the supervision of a physician in a clinic. In the women’s apartment the alarm, rescue workers found, therefore a more injured Person had to be in a hospital.

The police, which does not exclude a crime of passion evidence so far suggests that, now determines the exact circumstances of the fact.

Werdohl: Unknown claws 95 of the fish from the garden pond

Brazen thieves were in the night on Saturday in a garden in North Rhine-Westphalia, Werdohl. Apparently, they selectively picked up with a quiver of several dozen gold fish from a garden pond. As the owner in the Morning, looked into the pond, swam out of the original 97 animals, only two through the water. Because of the quantity of the fish, the investigators believe that the perpetrator or perpetrators have containers the fish with large water or boxes removed. The police are asking for any information by phone 02392/9399-0.

Calmbach: 30-Year-old A risky Overtaking dies after risky Overtaking manoeuvres

cost of the house on Sunday evening a Car driver’s life. The 30-Year-old crashed on state highway 294 in the district of Calw (Baden-Württemberg) head-on with an oncoming car. Prior to that, he is supposed to have according to witnesses, several other vehicles obsolete. The accident driver did not survive the Crash. His passenger, as well as the 20 – and 22-year-old occupant of the other car were seriously injured taken to hospital.


The occupants of the oncoming car were injured in the event of a frontal crash in Calmach difficult. The accident driver was killed.

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sources: press portal / “Berliner Zeitung” / “The West” / the police in Munich

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