In February 2017 occurred at the airport of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur in a sensational crime: Two women smeared Kim Jong Nam, the half-helm of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, a nerve poison in the face. Of the 46 who died in the Years shortly after in a hospital. The images of the attack, recorded by a surveillance camera, went back to the world. Allegedly responsible for the poison-assassination of North Korea was said to be a niche secret service.

Now, the “Wall Street Journal provides” a note on the possible motive: according to Kim Jong Nam, have met several times with agents of the U.S. secret service, the CIA. “There was a connection,” wrote the newspaper, citing a Person familiar with the matter. The show, how far the CIA went to to information about the closed country to approach. Kim Jong-Nam, but have also maintained contacts with other intelligence services, such as from China.

Both Assassins are free again

speculation about a connection it has been around for a long time. The “Wall Street Journal,” but provides no evidence, such as the relationship with Kim Jong Nams to the CIA looked at Each carefully.

Kim Jong-Un sends a Signal to the Trump

“more Powerful warhead”: North Korea tests new tactical missile


The two Bombers, a Vietnamese and an Indonesian are already free. Officially your Version, it was believed that they were in the Faith, a TV joke with a hidden camera to participate. They had assumed that it was in the case of the deadly substance to Baby Oil.In fact, they used the nerve agent VX.

The Indonesian has been established at the request of your government without a ruling in April by pardon free. The Vietnamese received due to intentionally causing bodily harm to a prison sentence of three years and was discharged as expected in may early. The four alleged North Korea’s agents, that should have been at the time of the attack in the airport stopped, and were never caught.