At the sight of the police of Dixon in the US should not have been astonished-the state of Illinois, ill. On Tuesday, a woman was stopped in her car and subsequently arrested. But not because she was driving too fast, or a defective rear light, no, the reason is a paddling pool, which was mounted on the roof of your car was.

In this paddling pool on the roof of her two daughters, age eight and 16 years were. Water was in the Pool by the way none. “In the course of the investigation it became known that the driver was driving in the city, to the Pool at a friend’s house, inflate, and their two young daughters in the empty Pool sat to him on the ride home to hold on,” said the police.

Posted from Dixon, Illinois Police Department on Tuesday, 9. July 2019

The 49-year-old woman was arrested for endangering the health or life of a child and two cases of predatory behavior, how the police of Dixon told more. A concerned local resident had contacted the authorities, as he saw how the vehicle drove through the streets. The woman has since been released on bail.

“I’ll shoot you a bullet in the head”

four-year-old steals a doll, then it comes to this shocking arrest

thousands of comments under the Facebook Post of the police of Dixon

Under the Facebook Posting of police of Dixon thousands of comments found quickly. Many criticized the Actions of the mother. “I’m trying to fathom how a mother can even remotely think that this is a safe idea. Wow!” a woman wrote. “Apparently, she thinks the inflated Pool is more important than these two great kids … so sad, but great work by the police of Dixon, and the observer has seen and reported!!”, a woman named Angela wrote.

Others thought that it was such a big deal. “About 15 years ago that would have been no Problem at all,” wrote one man. “It’s not like they’d let you up splashing around,” commented a woman named Jenny. “I can imagine that my mother would have asked my brother and me to do something like this … safety belts had no meaning.”

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