Yes, this story really sounds quite absurd. And at the same time she makes any kind of sense. There is a credible evidence. But we better start from the beginning.

On the 29. November 2016, American Jennifer Hodge reached a terrible news: her 23-year-old son Robbie died of a drug Overdose. And he is one of the many. Very many. For years, the US is struggling with an epidemic of drug-related deaths. Never before in the history of the United States, more people died of Overdoses than in previous years. In 2017, there were over 70,000. The main cause is the dramatic abuse of opioids. Also, Robbie, who lives with his mother Jennifer and sister, Laura in Atlanta (U.S. state of Georgia), is a victim of an Opioid Overdose. A through-the-synthetic Opioid Fetanyl triggered noise will be his last.

Opioid flooded America

Fentanyl is worse than Heroin

the surveillance camera captured a Ghost in the kitchen?

The death of the 23-Year-old hits the family deeply. You scroll through the Facebook-PSP from mother Jennifer, you can quickly find numerous Posts to her deceased son. Time Bible contradictions are to be found next to the pictures, time comments on the good character of her son. Robbie is also about two years after his tragic death are still very present in the life of the family. And a creepy discovery for mother Jennifer and her 21-year-old daughter, Laura, at a stroke, more present, than they would probably like. Robbie’s mother has the uncanny incident on 10. January on Facebook be made public.

Putting this out there so people will see this is the email I received from [email protected] It has been a crazy…

Posted by Jennifer Bryant Hodge on Thursday, 10. January 2019

According to her story she was on 9. In January alone with her daughter in the house of the family. While the two watch a movie, sees the mother of a sudden an E-Mail on your Smartphone screen light up. It comes from the provider of your security camera, and is an automatic notification. To 23.51 PM will be registered in the entrance area of the house is a Person. The Mail is a black-and-white photo attached. It is a Screenshot, which comes from the recordings of the surveillance camera and he shows a male Person in a white pajamas in the kitchen of the house. The outlines of the body are blurred and representations of spirits remember.

the report of the week

Paranormal investigator

I am (the world’s biggest scaredy-cat), and this is not a picnic, but a Ghost-hunting

“mom, this is Robbie!”

Jennifer and Laura runs it down to freezing in the back. As the news Agency “Kennedy News and Media” reported, the daughter of Laura quickly. When she sees the photo in the Email, she says immediately: “mom, that’s Robbie!” Jennifer also discovered the Similarity to her dead son directly: “It just looked like him – the Beard, everything.” Daughter and mother run into the kitchen to go to the mysterious figure on the ground. But once at the bottom you will find nothing. No Person, no evidence of a break-in. Just nothing.

you’d hear this Ghost story just so you would dismiss a mother and daughter with a short Smile. A Ghost in the kitchen? And then also in the form of the deceased son? People can imagine finally much. But this story is different, because after all, there is this one but important piece of evidence: the photo of the surveillance camera. If so, really the Ghost of Robbie in the kitchen has stopped? A scientific explanation is hard to find for it, anyway. Mother Jennifer has now found her own personal explanation for the supposed Ghost sighting: “I’ve never seen anything like this and I have never seen a Ghost in my life. But it feels as if Robbie wanted us to know that he is happy in heaven.”

sources: “the Kennedy News and Media” / Facebook page of Jennifer Hodge