New Details in the AfD-donations affair: How the Research network of WDR, NDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) reported, there is an alleged donor list in case of group, the boss, Alice rye, apparently, almost entirely of straw people from Germany, Spain, and a businessman from Belgium. The list is available WDR, NDR and SZ according to their own data. At least 12 of the 14 donors were related to each other or friends, some of the names are also on other donor lists.

The information, several of the people have said zufoglen already for the police to be just straw people. The hope of impunity. One of the above-mentioned alleged donor did not belong to this circle: It was a business man from Belgium, who is said to have been recruited according to its own information directly from Switzerland to ask its name.

Who knew what, and how early?

southwest-Treasurer charged to AfD in ryegrass-donations affair

dpa AfD Constance: unknown donation showed up

According to the WDR, NDR and SZ is entered under his name in the constituency account in the circle of the Association of lake Constance in April 2018, a further, previously unknown donation in the amount of 9000 euros. You belong to the donations received on this account in the spring of 2018, in close sequence of a total of three persons in a total amount of 38,000 euros in several tranches.

The donations were to the AfD, the Association is only now known, says the report. In addition to the Belgians to at least one of these donors will appear on one of the other straw man lists, on a donor list, which have created the Swiss Goal AG. The Goal AG have sent such lists for the donations, cases of the AfD heads of Jörg Meuthen and of the European election candidate Guido Reil at the request of the party to the AfD Association.

Ominous donors

donations affair: Kubicki sees political end of rye and a massive financial hardships for AfD

lawyer: No wrongdoing in the case of Alice ryegrass

the AfD group’s boss, Alice ryegrass according to the WDR, NDR and SZ by their criminal defenders, in principle, to explain, not evidence of unlawful or criminal conduct of his client would be found in the investigation files. More detailed Enquiries to the facts of the ryegrass left, according to the information unanswered. Also have the AfD. The party had written to a request from the research Association, it is in the best interests of the party that all outstanding issues are fully resolved.

donations from abroad

“no basis” to: Alice ryegrass rejects accusations in the AfD-back donations affair

A fundraising affair rocked the AfD. In the focus group, head of ryegrass. The SPD accuses her of “serious corruption”. But she denies all allegations.


the sources of “Westdeutscher Rundfunk”, the “tagesschau”