At the 2. In August 1986, the small Francillon Pierre disappeared. You’ve lost your three-year-old son on a street, said his mother, Amy Elizabeth Fleming to the police – since then, any trace of the boy is missing. Despite the investigation, his fate could not be clarified. However, more than 31 years after his Disappearance the movement comes back in the almost forgotten case.

police in North Las Vegas in the US state of Nevada has now taken the mother of the missing boy. She is suspected of involvement in the Disappearance of her son and to have him possibly even murdered. Fleming is currently in custody and has already been presented to the judge, reported the local television stations News3 Las Vegas.


Amy Elizabeth Fleming

©the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

The now 60-Year-old and her boyfriend Lee Luster were shortly after the Disappearance of the boy as a suspect. Evidence was. At the time of the disappearance of a procedure due to child abuse, sentenced to both a five-year suspended sentence ran against both of them. They had not at that time asked the police to make the story of the missing boy to the public, since they were supposedly in front of the press, writes the “New York Post”.

New evidence and statements lead to the arrest of the mother

More than 31 years later, the investigating authorities on rolled “Cold Case” again. The evidence was re-evaluated, additional witnesses interviewed. A lack of clear evidence, although still, the boy’s body could not be found. But, in the meantime, it apply to the police as it is very likely that Fleming and Luster behind the Disappearance of Francillon Pierre. According to the “Las Vegas Sun”, the police discovered, among other things, a letter from Fleming to Luster, in which she wrote that what had happened was “completely unintentional” and that she was doing very sorry.

Amy Elizabeth Fleming is to be charged with murder. Only in court can the police submit all pieces of evidence, said the police chief of North Las Vegas during a press conference. Might can then be the fate of the little Francillon Pierre explained – officially, the Boy is still missing.

sources: the “New York Post” / “News3 Las Vegas” / “Las Vegas Sun”