The Federal government has spent since 2006 at least 1.2 billion euros for more than 6000 contracts with external consultants.

This is the result of a survey conducted by the Ministry of Finance to the Chancellery and the 14 Federal ministries, which was conducted at the request of the Left-the Deputy Matthias Höhn, and the German press Agency. The highest expenditure for Expertise from the outside, reported the Ministry of Finance itself with 258 million, and the Ministry of the interior, with 208 million Euro. At the very bottom of the ranking list the Chancellor’s office, with 4.0 million and the Ministry of health, with 6.1 million Euro.

The Parliamentary state Secretary Bettina Hagedorn points out in its reply to the request, however, that the Figures were incomplete and not comparable. The main reason for this is that the relevant records must be retained in accordance with the administrative rules in force for only five years. For the years up to 2014, therefore, would be “partly no or only incomplete documentation of the requested in-kind” behavior. In addition, the individual departments would define differently what was meant by “Advisory and assistance services”.

Thus, the actual extent of the use of external consultants by the Federal government remains unclear. The Opposition criticised that there are no reliable statistics as to the consulting services. Of now by the Ministry of Finance called the billion amount was “only the tip of the iceberg,” said the Left-politician Höhn. “With all means and Tricks the Federal government is avoiding to disclose the true cost for external consulting and support services.”

In the years starting in 2014, for full files, have increased the expenditure for external government advisors anyway. 2014, you were the establishment of the Ministry of Finance according to 63 million euros, in 2015 there were a total of 105 million, in 2016, the number increased to 243 million, and in 2017, it was 248 million euros. For 2018, still have not reported Numbers in all ministries.

The Engagement of consultants and other experts from outside the Federal government, is highly controversial. Critics think that the shopping expertise is too expensive, and given the more than 20 000 employees in the ministries is also necessary. In addition, it is feared to be of great influence on the work of the government.

The use of consultants in the Ministry of defence will soon be reviewed by a Committee of inquiry of the Bundestag. The defence Committee passed last week a resolution to that effect. It comes to allegations of improper procurement up to nepotism.

In the statistics of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of defence with an expenditure of 34 million euros since 2006, for consulting and support services, including the departmental authorities appear, however, relatively far down. At the beginning of December the Ministry had stated in another answer to a parliamentary question, the volume of the current framework and individual contracts, nor to 207 million.


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