Berlin bike riders are in the capital in the future, safer on the road, at least at a distance of 450 meters. Because the length of the section of the now opened, a specially secured route in the timber market Strasse in Berlin-Mitte. Especially backed up because the green traffic is backed track for two wheels to a side with red-and-white bollards from the Car separately. On the other, faster cyclists can overtake on the 3.50-Meter-wide lane safely.

The protected bike path, other experts, “Protected Bike Lane”, in short, PBL is one of a total of nine planned tracks to be tested in a model experiment for five years. During this Phase, different possibilities to define boundaries and various materials will be tested and, in addition, the cyclists after their experience questioned.

The project is breaking new ground in the German transport planning. So far, protected Bicycle paths are not provided for in the rules of the road. The bike tracks to the Expansion of the Berlin-based mobility law laid down Bicycle infrastructure.

A little flaw there is, however,

The ADFC welcomes the first fully protected bike path. “This is a first step in the right direction,” says Lara cornerstone from the ADFC Berlin. One wishes, however, a rapid expansion of the project, and a nationwide network of Bicycle tracks. “We need this solution to all of the major main roads, so the bike riders in Berlin in the future, anywhere safer on the road.”

However, a bus stop and the end of the new bike strip in the crossing area were created unfavourable, so that cyclists are vulnerable on the road. “We want the improvements to us,” says Eckstein.

The now-opened green strip has cost a total of around 500,000 euros, and is thus relatively inexpensive. However, the green Bicycle paths cannot be built everywhere just because you need a lot of space. The wheel track is at least two metres wide; a one-metre-wide space, where the bollards are. After all, the desire of the ADFC Berlin might come true. The Berlin Senate Department for transport announced a structural adjustment in the newly opened bike path.