The Military counterintelligence service (MAD) has uncovered a “mirror”report, in recent years, more rights to soldiers than previously publicly known.

In a confidential session of the Bundestag Committee on internal Affairs and have given a MAD Department head by mid-February, the secret service had communicated “to the outside” and in front of the Bundestag only the number of clearly “recognized right-wing extremists,” reported the news magazine. As right-wing extremists in the past year were four soldiers, three more have been classified as Islamists.

Since 2013, to be annually exposed for about ten more “Suspects with extremist attitude”, and to the competent Personnel of the force have been reported. Most had been removed from the armed forces, said the secret service man, according to the “mirror”. In addition, he stressed, therefore, that from the point of view of the MAD-both the “extremists and suspected persons with extremist recruitment in the armed forces”.

Currently, there are 450 cases due to a suspicion on right-wing extremism, as the German press Agency confirmed. It also clues and leads were followed, the later have no further consequences. The soldiers of the law expected to be an active Advocate of soldiers for the constitutional values. In clause 8 it says: “The soldier must acknowledge the free democratic basic order within the meaning of the basic law, and by his whole behaviour to uphold it.”

The MAD is the smallest of the German secret service. Its tasks include the prevention of espionage and Sabotage in the armed forces as well as the Review of soldiers and government officials on extremist attitudes and activities. He reported to the competent Authorities and was not himself for dismissing.