The pressure on the Venezuelan government by the head of state, Nicolás Maduro is getting bigger and bigger: The self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó called for renewed protests against the disputed President of the carnival days.

In addition, the U.S. government imposed on Friday (local time) for further punitive measures against persons from the environment Maduros. Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas demanded that Maduro quick elections. And development Minister Gerd Müller made five million euros in emergency aid to the requirement that the guide to Maduro “setting now, finally, any Form of violence” and aid had to get supplies into the country.

Guaidó said on Friday evening (local time) in Buenos Aires after Meeting with Argentine President Mauricio Macri: “We will transform the Tradition of the carnival in a large protest action.” Guaidó had begun his trip abroad a week ago in Colombia, where he participated in a meeting of the so-called Lima group is a part of that called for in the presence of US Vice-President Mike Pence once again, free elections in Venezuela. The Guaidó visited heads of state spoke to him of their support in the power struggle against Maduro, and their recognition as the legitimate interim President of Venezuela.

On his tour through South America he had come already with Paraguay head of state Mario Abdó Benítez. On Saturday, he wanted to speak then, in Quito the President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno. In Lima he is expected on Sunday.

Guaidó would not have been allowed to leave Venezuela because of an ongoing investigation. He traveled but on Friday of last week to the neighboring country of Colombia, to a benefit concert in aid of relief supplies for Venezuela’s starving population. Maduro threatened, his opponent would have to face the justice. Guaidó insured, in turn, he’ll come to the beginning of the week to Venezuela return.

The U.S. Treasury Department took meanwhile six leading figures from the security apparatus of the country with sanctions. They had controlled the Blockade of aid shipments and the humanitarian crisis in the country worsened, it was said to the grounds. Due to the sanctions, any assets of the will be frozen in the United States. In addition, it is U.S. citizens forbidden to do business with you.

The world’s largest Oil Deposits, rich though the country is a result of falling in the past few years in a serious supply crisis. Last weekend Guaidós attempt was a failure, relief goods from Colombia and Brazil bring to Venezuela. At border crossings there were severe clashes with Venezuelan security forces.

foreign Minister Maas criticized in the “Rheinische Post” (Saturday), the role of China and Russia in the Venezuelan struggle. The two countries had stopped on Thursday a US design for a Venezuela-Resolution in the UN security Council with their Veto. The draft had called for a political process to be “free, fair and credible” presidential elections with international observers in the crisis country.

The vote in New York have illustrated how divided the security Council on this issue, said Maas. “But it is also clear that the majority, namely 9 of the 15 members have spoken in favour of what we also call the EU a long time: a democratic solution to the crisis through new elections in Venezuela, as well as the access to humanitarian aid for the suffering population.” You’ll continue. “The game at the time of Maduro may not rise.”

According to the words of Federal development Minister Gerd Müller of Germany wants to make Venezuela prepared five million euros in emergency aid. A prerequisite is that the “permit conditions”, said the CSU politician, the editorial network in Germany.