North Korea has tested a new “tactical guided missile”. In power Kim Jong-Un had overseen the Test of a weapon that could carry a “powerful warhead,” wrote the state news Agency KCNA on Thursday. For more information on the weapon KCNA did not. A South Korean military representative said that a missile test had not been registered. Experts talked of a Signal to the United States in the stalled talks on the North Korean nuclear weapons program.

KCNA said that the missile had been fired at “different targets”. Kim said, therefore, to the development of the weapon, she was “of very great importance, in order to increase the combat power of the people’s army”.

South Korea said no rocket launch

A South Korean military representatives, the radar systems of the country had not registered a missile launch. “If North Korea fires a missile, then noticed our Radar.” The South Korean presidency wanted to comment on the North Korean information, as well as the U.S. Department of defense.

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Until Wednesday, the Washington-based center for strategic and international studies (CSIS) had reported on the North Korea nuclear site Yongbyon, new activities had been observed. Satellite images showed, therefore, five railcars in the vicinity of the uranium enrichment facility and of the laboratory for radio-chemistry.

at the end of February was meeting a second summit between Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump on the conflict on the North Korean nuclear program failed. The recent activities in North Korea could be, according to experts assessment, therefore, mainly an attempt to exert pressure on the USA.

Kim Jong-Un sends Signal to Trump

“Kim tries to Trump to make government, its military grows, the potential for day-to-day,” said Harry Kazianis by the US Thinktank the Center for the National Interest. “His Regime is frustrated about the lack of flexibility from Washington in the recent negotiations.”

Similar to the one North Korea expert Koh Yu Hwan said. North Korea’s route, but apparently no long missile tested, or even a new nuclear test have made, show that Pyongyang wanted to get the dialogue with the USA in an upright position.

Kim had agreed at a summit meeting with Trump in the past year in Singapore on the principle of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Concrete steps were agreed. At their second summit at the end of March in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi reached Kim, and Trump is no agreement on steps toward nuclear disarmament. Since then, there have already been multiple reports of new activity at North Korean test facilities.

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