The European Union wants to win in the next few years, more and more influence in the world, security, growth and climate protection as a priority. This emerges from a draft of the Strategic Agenda up to 2024, which is present the German press Agency in Brussels.

The EU should be “more confident and more powerful”, – stated in it. Need more resources “are” – so more money. The door for new members should remain open.

for the EU summit next week, prepared a five-page document Essentially writes the current EU policy. Great change of course or specific new initiatives are not recognizable. The design is still being debated by the 28 States and may be supplemented.

on The topic of “building a climate-friendly, green, fair and inclusive future” is set in spite of the climate protests and debates in the European election campaign not a new goal. The design refers to the Paris climate agreement by 2015. But: “The EU cannot act alone: all countries should act more for the protection of the climate will do.” The goal of “climate neutrality” is called – this means that the EU no net new greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It is but specified no date.

The focus on “protection for citizens and freedoms”, it is underlined that the effective control of the external border and the fight against illegal Migration, which are already, since the movement of Refugees 2015 EU priorities. For the duration of the dispute on asylum reform, it says only: “We are determined to find a way in the case of internal migration – and asylum policy.” It is stressed that the fight against cyber attacks and disinformation, as well as the protection of the rule of law.

For the “strengthening of the economic base” refers to the design on the increasingly rapid digital reconstruction of the economy, the EU needs to be a part of. And: “what is Needed is a more ambitious, comprehensive and coordinated industrial policy.” This topic was last updated, especially Germany and France is important. This will be complemented by “a further development of the internal market”.

in The theme of “promotion of Europe’s interests and values in the world,” it means in an increasingly uncertain and complex world, the EU should “help to shape the global future”. You had to stand up for multilateralism and a rule-based world order and as an example of the cooperation of Inspiration for others. In order to gain more influence, would have to be the EU positions uniform, and to be more resolute and more powerful. The talk is of a robust trade policy and additional investment in Europe’s defense.

The environmental organization Greenpeace criticized that the EU is ignoring the urgency of climate protection. The Strategic Agenda is not just a collection of buzzwords, but no answer to the climate crisis. “This list of contradictory proposals suggests that the EU leaders give the economic growth a priority, as they have done so far, and, thus, social inequality, and improve the climate and environmental crisis heating up”, complained
Greenpeace Europe Director Jorgo Riss.