In the case of the technician health insurance (TK) are significantly received more complaints because of the potential for treatment errors. Therefore, nearly 6000 were reported in last year Insured.

This is ten percent more than in 2017 and a new all-time high, as the company announced, with a total of ten million Insured.

most of The complaints were, therefore, treatments by surgeons (33 percent), dentists and General practitioners. Approximately in every third case of suspected Reviews confirm. The Fund criticized part of the year long court proceedings, in such cases, and urged to strengthen the Position of patients in case of proof obligations.

official statistics to errors of treatment. Each year, the Federal chamber of physicians and of the Medical service of the health funds report on the Situation. The services of the funds wrote in 2017, more than 13,000 reports and found nearly 2700 cases, that a treatment error-damage health in a patient caused. The medical Profession has reported for 2017 2213-confirmed cases. According to estimates, there could be a total of more than 100,000 errors per year – 20 million treatments in clinics and a billion doctor contacts in the clinics.