For years, rising by Faller-rates in the tests for the car licence, transport experts call on the Plan. The experts assume, among other things, a more complex traffic situation as the cause, but still have no clear answers.

“poke, We are still somewhat in the fog,” said Hendrik Pistor, head of unit for young drivers at the German road safety Council (DVR), the German press Agency. Researchers at the Federal highway research Institute (BASt) want to set themselves apart with the Numbers to failed tests.

beginners due to increasingly fall both in the theoretical and in the practical test. In the case of the theory examination of all passenger Car classes, the failure rate in 2017 was, according to the Federal motor vehicle office at 39 per cent (2016: 37 percent). In the practical test for a driving license for 32 percent of the candidates fell through (previous year: 31 percent) were 432.037 not passed the practical tests.

a driving instructor a result of the increased failure rates among other things, more non-English-speaking applicants. The had to fight in addition to language issues, often with a different traffic culture.

Turbo-Abi, leisure, stress, change in the Job – young people are exposed to “competing demands,” says the ADAC. The driver’s license over on the side. He was no longer the number One priority on the to-do-list, observed Dieter Quentin, Chairman of the Federal Association of driving instructor associations. “However, a driver’s license, you are not, by the way.” The driving license with 17 is too early? The experts reject unanimously. “17-Year-old drop less by and to later safer,” emphasizes Quentin.


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