Since the Reform of advance maintenance, more and more children and adolescents in Germany this national performance.

This is evident from the answer of the Federal Ministry for family Affairs, on a request of the Left party deputies Sabine Zimmermann, who is the editor-in network in Germany (RND).

Accordingly, at the end of September 2018 was paid for approximately 780,000 children and young people advance. A year earlier, there were only about 520,000. Approximately 360,000 children and adolescents – nearly half of – based in addition to Hartz IV benefits, which is counted under the maintenance advance payment completely.

a Single can get from the state in advance, if the other parent pays no child support. 1. July 2017, the scheme had been extended. The age up to which the state pays for the maintenance, was increased from 12 to 18 years. In addition, the limitation of the period was accounted for by six years.

the Left-hand expert carpenter is critical of the practice, the advance payment of maintenance on the Hartz-IV-services to be credited. “It is outrageous, if the youth welfare offices have to beat with the requests of the job centres, which aim only at cost-in the case of Hartz IV save,” she said of the RND. Children who are in need of the money urgently, would have to wait months for approval of applications. “The System of family benefits, therefore, in total, to the test,” asked carpenter.

From the advance paid is regularly driven only a small part of it. The so-called return rate was mostly in the case of defaulting fathers – most recently at under 20 percent. Often there is nothing to find – for example when the fathers are on social assistance or if the child is a half orphan.