The beekeeping is still growing in popularity. The German Beekeepers Association (DIB) was one of last year, around 120,000 members, a good 6,000, or 5.4 percent more than in 2017.

The Numbers have been increasing for about ten years. The in Wachtberg seat at the end of the Association is called, in addition to advertising campaigns and upcoming actions, the messages to the bees to die as a reason for the development. The move people to be active. In addition, the General interest in nature is increased.

That the bees are in the Trend, think from the point of view of DIB-spokeswoman Petra Friedrich, not so new: “I, people have always been fascinated by bees, because they stand for character traits such as hard work and selflessness.” Another point is surely that people valued honey and other bee products. In Germany, to be consumed, therefore, per year and per head of 1.1 kg of honey.

in the town of the beekeeping community is growing. For urban beekeeping, various initiatives such as “Germany are buzzing!”. Since the Start of the action in the year 2010, Engaged with now in nationwide, 28 municipalities, such as the initiator, Corinna woods reported.