threats, insults, damage or violence complained of, The Research and information unit anti-Semitism (Rias), a strong increase of Jews of enemy incidents in Berlin. In 2018, the Senate-sponsored non-state Institution of 1083 incidents counted. That was 14 percent more than the year before. At the time, 951 anti-Semitic incidents were counted.

of Particular concern in the context of the progressive is the end of violence and brutalization, said Rias-project Manager Benjamin Steinitz. “In comparison to the past years, an increasing willingness to connect anti-Jewish statements with specific threats of violence or to have violence follow.”

Twice as many physical assaults

So have doubled the number of reported physical assaults from 18 to 46. Also, the number of registered threats is significantly increased by 77 per cent: from 26 to 46. It would add to the example 43 damage to 42 the year before.

events strong

anti-Semitism in France: demonstrations across the country

increased for The largest share of the registered deeds have such a with-mutilating behavior, such as insults in social networks, verbal hostility, Propaganda or events. 831 of Rias (+counted 22 percent), well over half of them on the Internet.

a Rising Trend in anti-Semitism

In Berlin, different institutions collect, according to different criteria, statistics on anti-Semitism. The was founded in 2015 and by the Senate-sponsored Rias collects your data on the basis of messages via the Internet, their own observations, through collaboration with a network of civil society actors, such as the Victim support and the police statistics. All recently published statistics have in common is the increasing Trend in anti-Semitic incidents.

process because of anti-Semitic attacks on kippah-makers in Berlin started


Due to a differentiated grid, or unknown offender Rias assumes that in half of incidents (49 per cent), the political Background is unclear. A right-wing extremist, 18 percent were motivated, therefore, 9 per cent went to Israel’s enemies.

Only a few perpetrators of refugees

7 percent were from the political center out that 6 percent of “conspiracy ideological circles”. 5 percent of anti-Semitic incidents declined on right-wing populists, 4 per cent, on the “left anti-imperialist” circles, and 2 percent to the Islamists.

The accusation, such as the AfD, Muslim immigrants imported anti-Semitism, rejected Steinitz. “We can’t, the map on the basis of the registered incidents.” There were also incidents with refugees, their share was low.

sources: DPA, Rias, VDK.

tkr/Stefan Kruse / DPA

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