Eimeldingen: money rain on A98 provides for block

Due to flying objects, money, the police in Baden-locked licenses-Württemberg for a short time a motorway. A motorist reported to the stewards of the money rain on the A98 in Eimeldingen and warned of the risk of accidents, the police announced on Thursday in Freiburg.

The policeman stopped then for a short time, the traffic, and gathered up the bills. “It was a larger amount of money” in the police report. The officials now want to make the losers.

Berlin: a suspect in the case, Georgine Krüger is still more girls molested

The alleged killer of Georgine Krüger molested in his neighborhood for more girls. 2009 would have discovered two girls, ages eleven and 13 years of police work. Thus, they were harassed by the accused verbally. Due to the suggestive background of the Statements of the criminal had been redirected, due to an insult to the sexual offences Department LKA 13, informed the police and the public Prosecutor’s office in Berlin on Wednesday. Three years earlier, the then 14-year-old Georgine was gone.

The cases of the two girls were forwarded accordingly to the murder Commission. These have, however, found no approaches for promising investigations in connection with Georgine. Open the question of why the police was after the harassment of a woman in the year 2011 by the alleged killers of Georgine is not active, and a connection made.


At this junction in Berlin-Moabit Dahlia was last seen. Your house is only 200 meters away, the Suspect lives in Hattingen, Germany in the district of

©Google Street View: the retired truck rolled over

A 70-Year-old is run over on a farm in Hattingen (Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis) of a truck and fatally injured. The accident on Wednesday, the trucks of a delivery company in reverse, as the police said. Here, the pensioners stand in the dead angle of the driver. The man died at the scene of the accident before emergency arrived, a paramedic. Whether he himself belonged to the farm, could not say to a police spokesman. Emergency chaplains cared for but his family.

Neckarsteinach: Kindergarten burned down,

The Protestant Kindergarten in Neckarsteinach is completely burned down. As firefighters arrived on Wednesday night, beating the flames from the roof, the police announced. In order to get the fire under control, they called in additional units from four neighboring municipalities for support. Was injured in the fire, no one. Why it had burned, was initially unclear.

Concerned parents can take their children on Thursday in the Evangelical parish house (Martin-Luther-house), as the Evangelical Church communities wrote on its website. The municipality is looking for long term solutions, where the children can in the future. In Neckarsteinach, there are two other kindergartens.

news from Germany, from Wednesday, 12. December:

Cologne: burglar ran offers prey owner for sale to

Stupid: A burglar in Cologne has to be stolen goods, of all places, offered the man to buy, he had previously robbed. The police announced on Wednesday, wanted to sell an Unknown to the owner of a hairdressing business, four razors. This recognized the devices again: a Few hours earlier, a burglar had stolen them from a different Salon, which belongs to the same owner. The 51-Year-old called the police, who arrested the Suspect. Video footage of the burglary showed the 37-Year-old had to do, due to previous offences against property have been frequent with the police.

Hannover: Ebola suspected in house

In Hanover (lower Saxony), the fire brigade, currently with a large contingent in the district of Borg. The reason is the suspicion of an Ebola Case in a multi-family house, according to the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung” (HAZ). The use of force, including an ABC party, be suits because of the meanwhile, from the health service confirmed outbreak of the disease alarm, with the special equipment and protection. Currently, the blood will be evaluated sample of a resident in a high security laboratory of the lower Saxony state health office, said a spokeswoman for the authority. The result should be available in the course of the day.

The woman had called reported to be due to high fever for an ambulance. In the conversation with the doctor over the course of the disease, the patient said that she had recently returned from a trip to Cameroon. You yourself have expressed the fear that to be the life-threatening Ebola Virus disease. “Cameroon is not part of the typical Ebola areas”, said the spokeswoman for the health Department. Nevertheless, the emergency physician had reported the case to the health Department, the authority sent a private Doctor who took a blood sample. Rescuers and Doctors wore protective clothing and masks to keep the infection risk low.

if confirmed, would put the patient in a specialized hospital, the spokeswoman. “The probability is not very large, that it is Ebola.”

The Ebola Virus is one of the most dangerous pathogens in the world. It is a with bleeding associated continuous fever. The disease can lead in the worst case, to death.

Vechta: criminal case after sending beheading video

Because you are supposed to have passed in a class Whatsapp group, beheading video, has reported a high school a criminal complaint against six of its students from Vechta. The Ludgerus-Schule had informed the police and the parents due to the spread of violent Videos, said principal Clemens Feldhaus, on Wednesday. To do this, was obliged. The Seventh-graders were not yet the age of criminal responsibility. They had been taken out of the class group, said Feldhaus.

police and school employees. On Monday, the students had to edit a teacher-created reflection sheet. “We have drawn the conclusion that we need to work further on it, because of the degree of reflection, the students still sometimes so far, that real insight, and real repentance was not there,” said the headmaster.

The police investigation were still at the beginning, said a police spokeswoman. Whether the in the Video shown the beheading scene is real or a forgery, was not the first time. Even if the children were not yet the age of criminal responsibility, will talk with you. First of all, the “oldenburgische people’s daily had reported” on the case. The Video, with a harmless Manga, ComicScene begins, was probably came from the pupils of a neighboring school in the Whatsapp group, said Feldhaus. With this school he was in contact.

Waldkirch: Honest girl scout enables young father flying home to Afghanistan

An honest girl scout has prepared a young father from Afghanistan early Christmas presents. The 26-Year-old had lost his wallet with more than 2000 euros, as he was on Tuesday with the bike in Waldkirch (Baden-Württemberg). The sum had saved the father of two small children over the years for a flight home to his family. He hasn’t seen her for eight years.

“His luck was that a very honest woman from Kollnau found his with over 2000 euros in cash, bulging purse,” reads the police report. However, the Association was difficult. Because the wallet is only a health insurance card was found, and on which was the Name of the owner written incorrectly. Since the man was recognised as a refugee also detection service, found the wallet still on his way to the owner, and the 26-Year-old could compete on Wednesday for his flight home. The girl scout did not “with a view of the overall circumstances” on your finder’s fee, according to police.

Berlin: the pursuit of hunting without a licence

A 25-year-old man in the night to Wednesday in a chase with the police through Berlin-Marzahn delivered. As it turned out later, he was without a driving license on the road. Officials wanted to stop him, he went first, without a light from a petrol station on Stendaler Straße. The man ignored the stop signal, accelerated, and roared off over several red lights, the police announced.

On the Landsberger Chaussee, on the Brandenburg side he built finally, an accident; no one was injured. Then, the 25-Year-old continued his journey in the direction of the bright village and fled from the Oelsnitzer road to walk. The police managed to arrest. In the car, the knife was secured.

Bückeburg: accident, driver leaves dying cyclist

in Bückeburg In lower Saxony took place late on Tuesday evening in a fatal traffic accident, followed by a hit-and-run. Therefore, probably a Truck has run over the driver of a cyclist and mortally wounded, before he just drove on without to care about the victim. The 70-year-old cyclist was found late on Tuesday evening found dead on a street in the outskirts of Bückeburg. The investigators suspect that after a first assessment of the accident traces, that the Senior of a truck was hit by a car.

Grömitz: 91-Year-old group

travels in tab A 91-year-old motorist is in Schleswig-Holstein with his car a unabated hazards in a six-rider group. In the accident in Grömitz, Germany-lenster beach, two riders were injured on the inside, one of them severely, the police announced on Wednesday in Lübeck. According to the figures, the motorist was blinded immediately prior to the accident, possibly from the low sun.

The 91-Year-old recorded accordingly, with his car the last of the one behind the other horses. By the impact, the animal was thrown with velvet of the 14-year-old Rider over the hood. The girl wore a serious injury. Another horse shied away from because of the accident, and threw a 42-year-old woman. The two injured were taken to hospitals.

Schleiz: motorist wants to turn, and slips into the river

When a turning maneuver is a 47-Year-old in the Thuringian town of Schleiz with his car in a river and slipped. The car slid about a slope, in the Wisenta and sank so deep in the water that the man could not open the doors, the police announced.

Through a side window, managed the 47-Year-olds. A witness drove the wet man home. The officials noted a Alcohol level of 0.6 per Mille for the 47-Year-old. The police are now investigating against the man for drunk driving.

Berlin: car stroller – Boy hard

hurt was A two-year-old Boy is in Berlin-Buckow in a stroller by a car and seriously injured. According to the first findings of the 36-year-old father crossed the Rudower street with the stroller, the police announced. A 56-year-old motorists slowed at the height of Wendelhalsweg still, together met, however, with the stroller. The two-year-old was brought to the stationary treatment into a hospital.

Leipzig: road train crashes into minibus – three-injured

A tram in Leipzig (Saxony) in a minibus crashed into the to drive over the tram tracks. The three passengers were slightly injured, the police announced. The bus driver wanted to turn on Tuesday evening in the middle of a Prague street at the height of the Stephen road on the other carriageway in the opposite direction to continue. To this end, he drove trams on the tram tracks in the middle of the two vehicles, although this is prevented by a shield. A tram covered the Bus and threw these on for a few meters.

The three occupants of the bus were brought to a clinic. The passengers of the tram were unharmed. For more information about the age of the injured, could not make the police first.

Lüdenscheid: SEC storms the apartment of 88-Year-old

shock for an 88-year-old Elderly woman: In the case of a Rocker-RAID in the Westphalian town of Lüdenscheid has made a mistake in the SEC last Thursday, in the house number, and instead of the apartment in a sought-after Rockers the living room of a Pensioner charged. As the Prosecutor’s office confirmed on Tuesday, a rammed the heavily armed officers, about six o’clock in the morning the doors and set fire on the balcony of a stun grenade. Previously had already reported several media.

the Background of the large-scale deployment, in the case of the parallel raids in Hagen, Dortmund, Unna, Witten and in the district märkischer Kreis, ran, was, according to prosecutors, an attempted homicide in the Rocker Milieu. The actually wanted lüdenscheid from the rock group “Freeway rider” is said to have injured in October of last year in Hagen a member of a rival rock group, with a shot life-threatening.

Despite the mishap, the RAID was ultimately successful: The wanted Rocker out of Lüdenscheid, as well as twelve other men in NRW could be arrested, the police seized firearms and drugs. The took Elderly woman go, it is good that you have taken in responding to the application, said a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office, Hagen. The damage to property had been on the same day, replaced the police have started investigations into how the mistake was.

Wurmannsquick: pedestrian from the car and killed

in the Middle of a Federal highway in the Wurman quick (Bavaria) has been recognised in a pedestrian by a car. The 64-Year-old later died of his injuries in a hospital, the police announced. The man wanted to cross, according to police, on Tuesday evening, the dark B588, on the Tempo 100 is allowed. A 28-year-old drivers could not brake in time and ran over him. One of the evaluators examined the circumstances of the exact accident.

Berlin: 79-year-old woman robbed and injured

A 79-year-old woman in Berlin-Spandau from an Unknown and injured had been robbed. According to the first findings of the offender attacked the Elderly woman in the late Tuesday afternoon in a Parking lot on the Balsewitzer Ring, the police announced. Accordingly, the Unknown pushed the woman and this is the case. He then snatched her purse and fled in the direction of sand road. In the fall, the 79 was-Year-old, according to the police information from the Wednesday injuries to the face. She came to outpatient treatment in a hospital.

news from Germany, from Tuesday, 11. December:

Werl: chocolate runs chocolate factory, and covered a complete street Fullscreen

it was probably The cutest street in Germany to find after a mishap in a chocolate factory on Tuesday in Werl An image as the land of milk and honey

©fire Werl Picture-Alliance

a: About a ton of chocolate ran in the Westphalian town of Werl as a viscous brown stream up to the road. The mass was poured out of a building of a chocolate manufacturer. Is suspected to be a technical Defect. With shovels, warm water, and a roof deck burners firefighters worked to eliminate the sweetness of danger for the road traffic. “We recorded the Whole thing with a Shovel”, – marked the head of the volunteer fire Department, Karsten Korte on Thursday, the action on the eve.

The application took hours and that was no picnic: to get to the precious mass, even from the pores of the road surface, handles, burners, the use of force to the warm water and the roof deck. So the danger was averted, that it might be in the area, ultimately, but still “slippery”. About two and a half hours of 25 members of the volunteer fire Department. The sweet mass came in containers for disposal. “Nibble, we don’t have,” said Korte.

Kempten: package messenger shows naked ass

For the package offered means especially the time before Christmas, lots of Stress, finally, be sent to any other Season as many shows as now. If Stress was the trigger for a “meltdown” of a package offered in Kempten (Bavaria), is not recorded. Yet it is a fact: The man is provoked by other motorists on Monday with bare facts.

As the police reported, was no longer able to be the messenger of the Package delivery vehicle parked in a one-way street so that other vehicles passing by. The blocked driver honked, while the courier took care of the delivery of a consignment.

returned When the package driver finally, he drew a blank and showed to the waiting car drivers to be behind part of it. Then he insulted the driver with the finger. A police spokeswoman explained on Tuesday, the employee of the parcel service, first unrecognized. The police now wants to determine the identity of the man.

Bonn: COP dies after gunshot wounds

Just two weeks after a shot to the neck from the gun of his colleague, a 23-year-old police officer in Bonn, died of the severe injuries. The circumstances of the incident are not as clear, police said on Tuesday. Direct witnesses of it, she had given previously. Against the 22-year-old accused other police officers, a disciplinary procedure had been initiated.

The incident had occurred at the beginning of vorvergangener week at a training in the basement of the Bonn police headquarters. The two cops were on the way from the locker room to a shooting range. They had their service weapons as well as identical dummy for the Exercise. Possibly the 22-year-old colleague has confused the real gun with a dummy.

Hirschaid: detainee piles of burial

The visit to a funeral in upper Franconia has a 44-year-old detainee, in order to make the dust. It was announced on Monday under guard at the cemetery in Hirschaid, Germany (Landkreis Bamberg), such as the police. Then he took advantage of a favourable Moment, and fled on foot. The officials initiated a manhunt for the man who is tied up under his clothes. By early evening, the search remained without success. The man is sitting, mostly for narcotics offenses in a prison in the state of Hesse. Why he was allowed to the funeral, couldn’t say to a police spokesman.

Magdeburg: man after dog attack on family sentenced to prison

A 24-year-old man has been sentenced for dog attack on a family and more attacks to four years in prison. The judge at the regional court of Magdeburg saw it as proven that the German spat out half a year ago in Magdeburg Park first several times in front of a Syrian family, and finally his two dogs on the 29-year-old father of a family. In previous incidents incited the defendant according to the court, his dogs on another victim and attacked two men in a tram. The judgment on Tuesday is not yet final.

Kyritz: Unknown to steal two 100-pound pigs

In the North of Brandenburg have to fry the Unknown of a family Christmas, and more meat was stolen. A police spokesman said on Monday, were stolen from a family in Kyritz (Ostprignitz-Ruppin), two each of two hundredweight to the production of heavy pigs.

The animals were kept in a fenced yard the pet owner in the South of the city. As a member of the family wanted to feed her on Monday, had disappeared, the 100-pound pigs without a trace. The 51-year-old owner filed a criminal complaint.

“We have not found any animals so far,” said the police spokesman in the evening. Other Pets were, however, not been stolen. At the end of the year, home-slaughtered pigs in General, and processed the meat, traditional sausages, ham and pork knuckle.

Hamburg: man defends himself with an axe against a knife attacker

In the district of Hamburg Lurup is escalated on Monday evening, a dispute between two men. A 37 is supposed to have attacked-Year-old and a 51-year-old man with a knife. The 51-Year-old had defended against it with an axe, the police announced on Tuesday. The dispute began in an apartment, and then shifted auf the road. Local residents called the police. Both men were injured, the 51-Year-old life-threatening. A homicide took over the investigation.

news of Monday, 10. December 2018

Cologne: dead girl found

In a Cologne refugee accommodation has been found on Monday the body of a two-year-old child. The police of a violent crime. “There is evidence that the child has not died a natural death,” said a spokesman. Arrests there had been. A homicide took over the investigation. For more Details on the fact and the identity of the dead child wanted it to be known to the police in the course of the Afternoon. The “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” had previously reported.

Lübeck: man urinates on the dance floor and hits several of the party guests

early Sunday morning, it was disgusting on the dance floor of a Bay of lübeck disco. A 19-Year-old and a 20-held a Year against 04:10 PM among the dancing guests, as they recognized a man who exposed his Genital and on the dance floor urinated. The young man was not negligible, the young woman lightly on the legs met.

The 61-year-old suspect was led before the door of the nightclub, where the police found his identity and a place of reference. Since the showed the Accused continue to be unapologetic and, in spite of repeated request, that have not been removed, he was fed to the police custody. However, he resisted and spat. A breath alcohol test resulted in a preliminary value of 1.9‰. The man must answer now, among other things, on suspicion of bodily harm and resistance to law enforcement officers.

Witten: man falls into construction pit

A man fell in a pit, because an Unknown person had deliberately postponed the construction site perimeter. The 31-Year-old crashed in Witten in the approximately one and a half meters deep hole and injured himself so severely on the feet that he had to be transported to a hospital, as the police reported on Monday. The incident early on Sunday morning occurred on an unlit construction site. Police officers discovered that the barriers had been moved that pedestrians were directed to the pit. The officers now because of dangerous interference in road traffic.

Landau: a woman for hours in the fountain caught

for Hours, a woman from the vicinity of Landau, in the Rhineland has been caught-Palatinate in a well on your property. You fell in there, apparently, in the night to Saturday midnight, the police announced on Monday.

The woman’s son came in around twelve hours later, at noon on the grounds and heard the cries for help of his mother. He alerted the police and the rescue service, who were advancing with forces from the heights rescue squad and the woman recovered.

Rostock: 21-Year-old Rob and miss

we need The police in Rostock are searching for two men who robbed a young woman at the weekend and sexually abused. A police spokesman on Monday said in Rostock, the incident in the night to Sunday in the context of electro-music Festivals at the fair grounds not far from the district of Lütten Klein occurred. The 21-year-old woman had been to the Festival alone, on the way to the apartment of a friend, as she had been ripped from two of about 20 to 25 years old men to the ground and forced to commit sexual acts.

she had then been able to flee. The Victim had reported the incident on Sunday evening, the police in Ribnitz-Damgarten (Vorpommern-Rügen). It is not unusual that Victims of such incidents indicated, sometimes not immediately, but only hours later, said the police spokesman. The investigations are ongoing.

Cologne: man is for the police to have his wife

killed A 56-Year-old has reported on Saturday at the police station in Gummersbach, and himself accused of having his wife killed. The to the specified scene of the crime, has sent Patrol found the 54-Year-old dead in the house, informed the police and the public Prosecutor’s office in Cologne, Germany.

The husband had been arrested due to urgent Tatverdachts. On Sunday had been adopted against the 56-Year-old arrest warrant, said a police spokesman. Further state was initially not known, a homicide is determined. The background facts were still unclear.

Stuttgart, Germany: hundreds of prisoners after the Christmas Amnesty in advance

released hundreds of prisoners have been in this year before Christmas, prematurely released from prison. The so-called Christmas Amnesty covered prisoners whose criminal the end in the time of 8. November up to and including 6. January 2019 falls, as the justice told the Ministry. The prisoners were at 7. November free come. How many prisoners there are, exactly, is not collected according to Ministry statistics. The graces have a decades-long Tradition: Since 1963, in Baden-Württemberg, the so-called Christmas Amnesty. Except about prisoners who have been convicted of such a serious crime that you must remain under supervision. In the prisons in the South West more than 7,000 prisoners sit.

Offenburg: checker black-and-driver bit

On Sunday, a ticket checker in a local train from Freiburg to Offenbach painful acquaintance with the teeth of a black rider. As reported by the police, he met the unknown woman without a ticket and wanted to pass in Offenburg at the train station of the Federal police. “Before the Arrival of the Patrol they bite the DB staff suddenly in Hand and was able to escape by it”, reported to the police. A manhunt was unsuccessful.

Donauwörth: cow delivers 64-Year-old ended up in the hospital

The birth, help with a cow for a farmer from the donauwörth district wörnitz stone in the hospital. The 64-Year-old wanted to support the free-running cow on Saturday in your Box at Calving, the police announced. The uncomfortable to the cow, apparently not – it was aggressive and ran at the man. Then the cow joined her on the floor, and even the owner. Only the son of the farmer was able to prevent worse. With a broken leg and numerous bruises, the farmer was working in a hospital.

rail strike: nationwide impairment feared – rail services, in part,

Due to the Strikes of the railway trade Union EVG on Monday across the country with massive impairments in the Regional and long – distance traffic of the Deutsche Bahn.

The long-distance transport is set according to the company, complete and up to nine PM in Germany. In the course ofon the day, you can expect significant impacts. The regional traffic is affected especially in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. In the South he remains until probably nine o’clock, set in North Rhine-Westphalia, the regional transport is concerned across the Board. Information about current delays, it is here.

Hamburg: the father, shakes the Baby so strong that it stays mentally handicapped

The trial against a 41-year-old man to have his little daughter, hard-to-miss, will be continued. For the sixth Day of the trial at Hamburg’s regional court, the pleadings are scheduled, possibly, the judgment is spoken. The defendant has already confessed that at the time, only a few weeks old girls from Overwork beaten and shaken.

The child suffered a skull fracture and remains for the Rest of his life mentally handicapped. The public Prosecutor accuses the man of attempted manslaughter in two cases, dangerous bodily harm and abuse of wards.

Gethin: car driver runs over Wolf

A car driver collided late Saturday night on the B1 with a Wolf. The animal is just before the entrance of Genthin (Jerichower Land) ran suddenly across the road. The 39-year-old driver did not brake in good time, informed the police station Jerichower Land district, on Sunday. The Wolf died at the scene. The 39-Year-old was uninjured. To your car, a damage was done.

According to the Monitoring report for the wolf year of 2017/2018 there is in Saxony-Anhalt eleven wolf pack, as well as a cross-border, lives in Brandenburg. Two wolf couples who are also in lower Saxony and Saxony on the road. Wolf experts from a total of 92 animals.

Buchloe: train rams stuck car tracks

On a rail fixed barrier in the tracks, is expected to be one of the greatest horror performances of many motorists. Two pensioners in Bavaria is exactly what happens – and a train on Sunday crashed in the afternoon in your car. Since the 84-year-old driver and her 86-year-old companion were able to leave the car but in time, they came home with a shock.

The younger of the two was bent to the Crossing of the railroad crossing in Buchloe (Ostallgäu) too early, which is why the car remained in the tracks are hooked and stuck. A minutes later, near the train did not come, despite the emergency brake in time and crashed against the car. The 120 rail passengers remained unharmed. And also the damaged train was able to continue his journey in the end. The car however has only scrap value.

Siegburg/Bonn ICE train to the smoke development of

vacated some 250 passengers had to leave cars on the ICE train station Siegburg/Bonn for a Smoke in the dining. The train was on the way from Munich to Dortmund, as it came to be in the area of the on-Board restaurants, to a slight development of Smoke, like a railway spokesman said. The cause was according to the initial findings of an overheated oven. All the passengers – about 250 – were forced to leave the train at the train station in Siegburg.

sources: press portal, Deutsche Bahn, the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung”

news from Germany the week of January 3. to 9. December can be found here:


man to fail several times in a 25-Meter Parking spot and damaged the car – the reason is very obvious

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