Is this an Exercise in dialektischem Think? While the social democratic Minister of Finance inform that the years of the fat tax revenues are over and therefore not everything we Wish for is to be financed, the social-democratic Minister of labour, a proposal to bring a new billion to the masses: a new “basic pension” for people who have paid for decades into the pension Fund, at the end, but not enough to get to experience an old age in Dignity. Up to around 1000 euros for the Mini should be no increase in pensions from tax revenues.

Minister for Finance and labour should sit together again with regard to the budgetary situation. The basic idea of the Minister of Labour, Hubertus Heil is right. Originated In Germany in the past few years, a huge low-wage sector, also through the labour market reforms under the SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. Package messengers, hairdressers, cleaning staff, and all of the service precariat, the pensions comes despite years of hard work at the end of often only in Mini-form.


produces no pension despite a long working life: The German low-wage sector and poverty.

©Alexander stone Picture Alliance Measly pension after a long working life

It is right to support these people. Without you our country would not work. They deserve our respect. Your Dignity depends also and especially on the money you get at the end of their often long and full of deprivation working life. Who wants to leave these people in poverty traps or “security”, the Hartz IV for pensioners, fobbed off, promotes the division of society, because as a new solidified under layer, in which a humiliating and hurtful experience: At the end You’re poor, even though You have Your life worked. The AfD focuses on the question of Pensions is not without reason that more and more in the center of their campaigns. This “working poor”, i.e. the “working poor” with open arms.

pension spiking – so you doctor symptoms rum

The “respect-pension” cures only the Symptom. The actual cause of the low wages. Low wages lead to low contribution payments – and thus, inevitably, to low pensions. Low wages in many service industries are still the core of highly profitable business models. Without the fat profits, many companies would not be possible. The question is whether the community, the taxpayers subsidize these business models by increasing the necessarily incurred as a Mini-pensions. Ultimately, socialize companies that pay Mini-wages, the social problems of poverty in old age. You will produce this poverty – and roll their financial compensation to the community. On that social peace would be maintained. As is well known, a “location factor” of the first rank, of which the company does not benefit, in turn, bad.

Up to 447 euros a month more

healing multi-billion dollar concept for the basic pension before


Many people have not, however, currently no other choice, as their labor force to low offer wages, because their education is sufficient financial statements for a more skilled and thus better paid work. The fight against Mini-pensions is in the long term, will only be won if it is waged on two fronts: the fight against low wages and for better educational opportunities. Just “advancement through education” is a justice issue. It was a classic social-democratic theme. The SPD has to discover urgently.


sticking points in the dispute, the basic pension

Berlin – With his concept for a basic pension, Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD), has instigated a trial of strength in the Grand coalition. Because the project is expressly mentioned in the black-and-red government program – but not exactly so. An Overview of the sticking points:

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