Boris Johnson, the favorite in the race for the office of the British Prime Minister, is working according to his own statement, to switch Off, like buses from wooden wine crates – and reaped mockery and disbelief in the network.

“I build model buses,” said Johnson, the station talk radio on Tuesday. “So, I have old wooden boxes, yeah, and then I paint them to take me. I suppose this is a box of two bottles of wine were in,” said Johnson. “She has such an isolating thing, and then I’ll make the Bus. (…) I times the occupant, the pleasure in the wonderful Bus.”

He said the model buses are more environmentally friendly – like the real buses, which he had brought during his time as mayor of London between 2008 and 2016 on the streets of the British capital, the 55-Year-old.

mains amused about Boris Johnson’s Amateur

celebrities and less well-known Internet user commented on Johnson’s statement as “odd” and “bizarre come”. The actor Ross Mullan (52, “Game of Thrones”) scoffed at Twitter in reference to a Brexit-the promise of Johnson’s: “I invent like spontaneous things. I invent buses, the claim of the (health service) the NHS will get 350 million pounds per week.”

“The worst thing about Boris’ model-Bus-story is that she sounds a bit like that, as he had the thought of,” tweeted a satirist who blogs under the name of Otto English.

the incumbent Prime Minister, Theresa May was not empty. “A little weird,” tweeted user @DXWQC to Johnson’s Hobby. “But at least he is not running through wheat fields.” May had once responded to the question of the journalist after the most Impudent, that you’ve ever done, “As I and my friends are running as a child through the wheat fields. The farmers were not very pleased.”