By Rebecca Reusch from Berlin is missing from each track – despite large-scale search of the police, the 15-Year-old disappeared. On Friday scoured police again a forest at Kummersdorf, a town in Brandenburg, 50 kilometres South-East of Berlin. The officials put twelve rescue dogs from Berlin, Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. On Saturday, the police will continue to search for the student. The use of focus once again on the vast forest area South-East of Berlin, which was already combed on Friday, said a police spokesman on Friday evening.

The Berlin-based homicide, that Rebecca was killed. As a suspect, the brother-in-law of the girl sitting in detention. The 27-Year-old is silent to the accusations. Hundreds of tips have now been received by the police. The murder Commission had asked the public for help and photos published.

piece of mantra-dogs are looking for Rebecca Reusch

The investigators want to clarify, why the suspect’s brother-in-law was shortly after the Disappearance of Rebecca with the car on the highway 12 between Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder) on the way. Twice the raspberry was recognized in the red car by the police there. The forest area that the police searched twice, is not very far away. There the police continued on Friday also, so-called piece of mantra-dogs that are specially trained to Track down people.

The Suspect made so far to the trips with the car, no statements. Only he should have had according to the police, at the relevant time access to the car. In addition, the investigators suspect that Rebecca has not left the house of her brother-in-law and her big sister alive.

Rebecca started with an initially unspectacular missing display

For the police of Berlin, it is probably one of the most puzzling cases ever. When he started, there were not more than the usual Missing-persons reports as they are received every day, more than 200 Times for the German police: A 15-Year-old was on the Morning of the 18. February, a Monday, not in school in Berlin have been, and in the afternoon did not come home. In children, the police in such cases would be immediately active. In the case of young people, you wait a day or two days. Most of all come back by itself.

In the case of Rebecca, that was not the case. Neither on Tuesday nor on Wednesday. On Thursday, the 21. February, gave the police the first of the now six search messages to the case, and also published a photo of the missing Rebecca.

But until then, the case didn’t sound spectacular. A day later, that all changed. 22. February a murder took Commission. The police are no longer out of the castle at the time, “that the girl has fallen the victim of a Crime”. Whether the investigators suspected that the student was kidnapped or murdered, they said. Even otherwise, there was little information.


The second of the police-provided photo of Rebecca: dark and in low resolution

©police Berlin

But the investigation of the image of the police, a young, blonde girl with big eyes and a slight pout – perhaps a reason why the media and the Public are increasingly interested in the case. The photo was edited with a Filter, as young people like to do for profile pictures on your Social Media pages. On the other, non-modified photos Rebecca looks different. Who does not know the girl would not, presumably, on the idea that the people in the photos are the same Person. At the same time a sister of Rebecca on the Internet asked with increasing urgency for help.

parents of Rebecca to go to the media

The parents went to the chagrin of the police also to the Public, and spoke with journalists and told the Details from the day of the disappearance. “We don’t find the course good, because it makes our work more difficult, but we can’t avoid it also,” said a police officer.

The Disappearance, it became increasingly puzzling. Neither your sister nor your brother-in-law, where Rebecca had stayed, do you want to on the Morning of the 18. February have seen. Her cell phone was in the morning, logged in, still in the house, a little later, but turned off. Days has been speculated in Berlin, whether Rebecca had left the family house in the quiet residential area in the district of Britz, very early, because they had a secret appointment.

Ten days after the Disappearance of the girl, at 28. February, then took the police to the 27-year-old man, the sister as a Suspect for the first Time. Since it is a “homicide”. The police believe that Rebecca lives in. From the original everyday missing person’s case of a particular crime is become the case, is startling:

The victim is female, young and pretty. The circumstances of her disappearance remain mysterious. Also, after numerous days of intense search, Rebecca appeared neither alive nor dead. There is a strong Suspect, which belongs to the family. This defended him vehemently in Public. Rebecca’s father said on TV: “The whole thing depends on another thing, I can’t say but.”

Missing 15-Year-old

mark wanted Kesy in the case of Rebecca – that’s why the police is now “pissed off”

crime without a corpse, at least not yet

In many criminal cases, there is a body to searches of the police to the perpetrators. Here it is Vice versa. The police believe the perpetrator. But the body is missing. Although it was the murder Commission, to bring the suspect’s brother-in-law in custody. The man is silent, however. The pressure on the police is growing. Without a body, the cause of death is unknown. There is no DNA evidence or Similar evidence for an indictment and a trial. The police is no more, than keep on searching – this weekend, the officials will try to find out again, what happened with Rebecca. And where her body may be.

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