The Federal Maaßen Ministry of the interior shall, after a “mirror”-report a disciplinary procedure against the former the protection of the Constitution President Hans-Georg. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, had transferred Maaßen on Monday in temporary retirement.

In a speech before the international secret service staff he was part of the radical left forces in the SPD, and themselves as critics of a “naive and left, foreigners and security policy” referred to is said to have spoken.

How Maaßens exact choice of words at the Meeting of European heads of intelligence at 18. October was in Warsaw, attempts by the interior Ministry now to find out more, reported the news magazine. There are two speech existed manuscripts – an English and a German. Only in the German Text of the speech is, therefore, of the “radical left-wing forces” in the SPD. This version was at times to read on the Intranet of the constitutional protection.