The family of the kidnapped Norwegian millionaire wife Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen has received a new message from the alleged kidnappers. Two days after the family lawyer, Svein Holden, was contacted on Monday of last week at the television at the kidnappers, would have reported those who have according to the 68-Year-old in their violence, with the relatives, said Holden now at a press conference.

The suspected kidnappers had, however, supplied no evidence that Mrs Falkevik Hagen was alive, said Holden. Nevertheless, the message will be interpreted as a sign that she is alive. Communicating was via a digital platform, the contact was very limited. The family wishes a different – and better – means of communication.


millionaire’s wife for eleven weeks gone – a family is looking for a TV contact to kidnappers

Falkevik Hagen disappeared at the end of October

on Monday of last week Holden had declared in a radio broadcast on the television channel TV2: “We want to come to a different and better way to be in touch.” So far, the family did not receive multiple messages on a digital platform, which is suitable for the communication.

Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen has been applicable since 31. October as disappeared. The police went on from the beginning of a kidnapping that occurred with your information, but only at the 9. January to the Public. Since then, hundreds of tips investigators have received. According to the police, there was a ransom demand in a crypto-currency that can’t be traced. According to media reports, the kidnappers have demanded the equivalent of nine million euros.

so Far, there is no comparable case in Norway

The husband of Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, Investor, Tom Hagen, is one of the 200 richest people in Norway. His fortune he has made, according to media reports, with the sale of electricity and real estate. It is estimated at 1.7 billion crowns (around 175 million euros).

The case is viewed in Norway as a unique. There is no other abduction cases in the Scandinavian country are so far known in which a ransom in crypto-currency was required. Internationally, there were such cases already frequent.

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