After the renovation of the “Gorch Fock” officer Elsflether Werft AG has filed for insolvency, warns of the defence Commissioner of the Bundestag, a rapid decision on the sailing school ship.

“What can you do now to make the ship back afloat, it should happen quickly,” said Hans-Peter Bartels of the “New osnabrück newspaper”. “Either you finished the Gorch Fock, whether on the yard or on a different. Or you can build or buy a new ship”, added the SPD-politician in the “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung”. “Germany as the fourth largest economy in the world should be able to make his marine Junior sailing school ship.”

The Elsflether Werft AG had on Wednesday filed for bankruptcy. The background of the financial difficulties misappropriated millions of dollars in what Secretary of defense Ursula of the Leyen (CDU) about three weeks ago, dismissed line attributed are alleged to be. The cost for the renovation of the three-mast sailing ship soared over the years rapidly. Originally 10 million euros were earmarked, then it was increased to 75 million euros, in the meantime, the estimated cost has risen to up to 135 million euros. To 2. January 2019 were issued, according to the Federal government of around 69 million euros.

The FDP budget politicians Karsten Klein called on the Ministry of defence, quick, reliable cost calculations for the upper limit of 135 million euros. The taxpayer should not be a further increase in loaded, said Small of the German press Agency. In addition, the Ministry must clarify internally who will be for failure to control. Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) had concrete answers at the meeting of the budgetary Committee at the Wednesday guilty remained. “Overall, one must say that the misery in case the Gorch Fock would have been avoided,” said Small. The Ministry of defence would only need to keep to the usual control mechanisms. Until now, no further payments should be made further Work is to be carried out.

For Bartels, the “Gorch Fock” “a symbol for many management problems, under which the Bundeswehr is suffering”. The military representative said in the “Rhein-Necker-Zeitung” of the “diffusion of Responsibility: To many to decide, no one is responsible.” In the Elsflether Werft AG shipyard, a new shipyard management has for the past three weeks, the Say.

The application for insolvency proceedings in self-administration was approved by the district court of Nordenham on Wednesday, said the new Supervisory Board Chairman Pieter Wasmuth, the German press Agency on Wednesday evening. The application does not mean the end of days, said Wasmuth. Further planning will be closely coordinated with the Navy. According to his information the examination of the documents revealed that in mid-February was the sum of the liabilities at EUR 24 million, of which € 22.3 million for longer than 130 days overdue.

the Board of management, Axel Birk began on Thursday evening, hoping for a continued existence of the company: “The Elsflether performance is a shipyard capable of,” said Birk. “We are confident that we can continue to operate and seek negotiations with the German Navy, the order for the sailing school ship Gorch Fock.” The General representative Tobias Brinkmann stressed that the completion of the sailing school ship “top priority”. The district court of Nordenham has appointed Hendrik Heerma for the provisional administrator, the management from outside to the side.


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