Given the debate about the Bundeswehr’s deployment in the Persian Gulf, the defence Commissioner of the Bundestag Hans-Peter Bartels (SPD), points to the de facto reduction of the Navy in the past.

“Less than now the Navy has never been,” said Bartels, the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “On paper, the Navy has been disposed of never. You had and should always have 15 frigates. We are away at the Moment, far from it.” Nevertheless, the need to set priorities.

SPD-defense politician Siemtje Möller holds a stake in the Persian Gulf “purely material” for “of course not feasible, because the Marine would make it possible”. The Marines are highly trained, very experienced and successfully – “when the ships are sailing”. “The fact is: We have measured the smallest Navy, with a small number of ships to the use scenarios for which we are requested,” she said of the Funke media group.

A large military presence on the ground, the mountains, the danger is that it’ll be Accidentally a war. Therefore, should be to reduce the military presence there. “Should there be a common European Action, Germany would certainly make its contribution – the basic prerequisite for a European shoulder-to-shoulder in the Form of a European mandate, however, is.”

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