The Grand coalition in the coming year is expected to have a significantly smaller room than the last time.

This will also affect the Highlight. Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) is supposed to get according to the budget Parameters, a smaller Plus than desired. Both the defence Commissioner of the Bundestag as well as the US Ambassador in Berlin, to criticize the.

in The basic Parameters provided for funding is not sufficient for a “full equipment of the Bundeswehr,” said the military representative, Hans-Peter Bartels of the German press Agency. The coalition agreed to target a rate of 1.5 percent is good. “The company expects that it will be planned and reliably implemented.” This is the so-called Nato-ratio, the share of defense expenditure to the gross domestic product.

Although Scholz in the basic Parameters for the household is planning for 2020 with the expenditure of approximately two billion euros for the Highlight. Von der Leyen had, however, demanded much more. The Nato-ratio of 2020, according to the basic Parameters of 1.37 percent, according to the financial plan decrease until 2023, but at 1.25 percent. You “go to view”, – was stated in the Ministry of Finance. The Federal government had spent as a target of 2024 then 1.5 percent for defense spending. Especially pressure from the US to Germany.

the US Ambassador in Berlin, Richard Grenell appeared on the benchmarks in the budget by Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, annoyed. Germany away with the financial planning from the Nato target of two percent of gross domestic product (GDP) for defense spending. “The members of Nato have clearly acknowledged, until 2024 to two percent — and not away from it,” he told the German press Agency. “That the Federal government attracts it only in a recital, to reduce their already unacceptable contributions to military readiness, is a worrying Signal of Germany in its 28 Nato allies.”

From the point of view of the FDP, the Grand coalition when the entire budget is increasingly under pressure. With the basic Parameters for the budget in 2020, Minister of Finance, Scholz had to admit that the “good years are over”, said the FDP-budget politician Otto Fricke of the German press Agency in Berlin. “The once-stable black Zero, he has long been to the red Zero.”

Scholz could keep a budget without new debts on the paper, by hiring a high so-called global Reduction in spending, and generous, in nearly tens of billions of dollars, to the asylum and refugee return able to serve. “Now it is clear, Olaf Scholz, the device slowly but surely start to roll.”