The Federal government has approved since the beginning of the year shipments of Arms for more than a billion Euro to the Saudi Arabia-led Alliance in the Yemen war.

Despite the export restrictions in the coalition agreement of the CDU and the SPD were between 1. January and 5. June 13 exports for 801,8 million euros to Egypt, and 43 in exports for 206,1 million euros to the United Arab Emirates have been approved. The response of the Ministry of economy to a request from the Green party member of Parliament Omid Nouripour, which is present the German press Agency.

The government allowed even two arms deals with Saudi Arabia, although for the country, since November actually, a complete export stop is. It is believed that the delivery of “special protected all-terrain vehicle” for 831.003 Euro, as the Secretary of state in the Ministry of economic Affairs, Ulrich Nußbaum, told.

in Total, were issued for the eight countries of the Alliance 122 export licenses for military goods to a value of 1.1 billion euros. Saudi Arabia had formed a coalition of predominantly Arab countries in 2015, to support the Yemeni government in its fight against the Iranian-sponsored Shiite Houthi rebels. The war has triggered in the desperately poor country on the Arabian Peninsula is currently the largest humanitarian crisis.

The SPD urge against this Background, in the coalition negotiations in the beginning of last year to an export stop to the war participating countries. The Union agreed only in a much weaker formulation: arms deliveries to “directly” participating countries were prohibited from already-authorized transactions have been excluded. In November 2018, a complete export stop for Saudi Arabia, after the killing of the Saudi government critic Jamal Khashoggi was imposed followed.

He was eased in March, only for supplies for community projects with Alliance partners easily. A few days later, it was approved on this basis, the Export of “technology for semi-low loader manufacturing,” the Ulm-based company Kamag to France. The Export of the “special protected all-terrain vehicle” that now appears in the Letter of the state Secretary for Economic Affairs walnut, was, however, not yet known.

Delicate the numerous export permits in the UAE are. The oil-rich Gulf Emirates to lead the Alliance, along with Saudi Arabia, and have stationed soldiers in Yemen. Until the beginning of June, the Federal government has issued with a volume of 206 million euros, however, is almost as extensive export permits for the UAE, as in the entire year of 2017 – before the Yemen-clause was included in the coalition agreement. At that time, there were 214 million euros.

last Wednesday, was with the crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Said Al Nahjan, the de facto ruler of the UAE, and one of the most powerful men in the Gulf region, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to visit. The two of them agreed in a statement, with 46 points in the Development of the strategic partnership between the two countries. The most contentious issue of arms exports was not in it but.

in addition to Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia were approved in four more States of the Yemen war Alliance arms exports to Kuwait (51 permits with a total value of around € 70.7 million), Jordan (6 permits/3.4 million euros), Bahrain (6 permits/around 217 000 Euro) and Sudanese (1 permit/4116 Euro). Only for the West African state of Senegal has no export permits have been issued.