The most important messages at a Glance:Istanbul wants to deport Syrian refugees without valid papers (15.23 PM)”shut up”: police chief attacked in Trouble for Dieter-Nuhr-quote (11.14 p.m.): Germany: an Unusually high number of heat waves (9.56 PM)Iran covers according to information from the CIA network (9.25 PM), Hong Kong: protesters from thugs (6.52 PM)Big shortage of housing in German cities (5.58 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 17.40 PM: high-rise building fire in Mumbai – dozens to safety, Several dozen people have been rescued on Monday from a burning high-rise building in the Western Indian metropolis of Mumbai brought +++

. At least 89 people were brought to safety, as a spokesman for the fire and rescue services in the city. Many would have fled to a terrace and had been with the help of aerial ladders rescued.

A fireman was injured, therefore, easily. It is not to be expected that still more persons in the nine-storey building. It houses offices of the state-owned Telecom company MTNL. 16 fire trucks and 200 firefighters were deployed. The cause of the fire was initially unclear.

+++ 17.08 PM: the Ministry of transport also represents the second contract for the toll for Cars online +++

According to the contract for the collection of the now-failed Car toll, the Federal Ministry of transport has released on Monday, the contract for the control of the infrastructure levy. The 430-page document was found in the afternoon on the Ministry’s Website. The agreement governs the development and maintenance of an automatic control device system for the toll, for example, the exact sections of motorway to the control.

Several plants of the Treaty were not published, because the contractor would have this classified as a “trade secret” and a publication is denied, the Ministry said. In addition, some of the Bodies are blackened, in order to preserve data, as well as operating and business secrets of third parties. No insight there is in the Appendix to the final offer of the contractor, including a price sheet, which includes, according to the Ministry alone, almost 760 pages.

+++ 1643: activists: More than 40 dead civilians in air raids in the North-West of Syria +++

In the case of air attacks in the North-West of Syria have been killed, according to the latest information from activists of more than 40 civilians. The Syrian Observatory for human rights said at least 41 civilians killed, including 35 in a market in the town of Maaret al-Numan in the Idlib province. Previously had been at least 23 dead in Maaret al-Numan in the speech.

+++ 16.38 PM: Fox bites a patient in a Swiss hospital in the Arm +++

A Fox has bitten a patient in the Zurich University hospital in the Arm and slightly injured. “The Fox has been through the open balcony door into the room,” said hospital spokeswoman Cindy Mäder of the Swiss Agency SDA on Monday and thus confirming a report of the Tele Top. The patient had not taken the incident hard. “It was really an unfortunate accident.” Probably your Arm over the edge of the bed to be hung, have Mäder said. The staff took care of the patient and disinfected the wound. “There are a lot of urban foxes,” said Mäder. Unclear stay, why the Fox had been in the hospital wing.

+++ 16.03 PM: Iran: the Fixed Tanker was on the wrong direction track +++

The seizure of the British tanker “Stena Impero” was, according to Iranian information, both legal as well as legitimate and “not a retaliation”. Tehran could provide documents that the Tanker had been in Iranian waters and on the wrong direction of the track from the South into the Strait of Hormuz retracted, said government spokesman Ali Rabiei on Monday, according to the state news Agency IRNA. At the same time, Rabiei hinted on his Twitter page, the readiness of Iran for a diplomatic solution to the problem.

location on Golf tips to

Iran sets British Tanker now, Germany is also involved in the conflict


The Iranian revolutionary guards had stopped the British-flagged oil Tanker “Stena Impero” on Friday in the Strait of Hormuz, on the ground that he was driving after a collision with a fishing vessel just continue. In addition, the “Stena Impero is turned off” their GPS System and environment have had damaging materials on Board.

+++ 15.37 PM: Trump denied Iranian information to the detection of CIA-network +++

US President Donald Trump has denied the information of the Iranian secret service for the detection of a CIA network in the Islamic Republic. It was lies and Propaganda of a “religious regime”, I fail and have no idea what to do, wrote Trump on Monday morning (local time) on Twitter. The Iranian secret service had previously stated, to have a network of the US secret service unmasked. In this context, 17 agents had been arrested, said the head of the counterintelligence of the Iranian secret service. Some of them the death penalty.

+++ 15.32 PM: Re-bomb threat – this time against the mosque +++

The Ditib-mosque in the North Rhine-Westphalia, Duisburg, Germany has been cleared after a bomb threat. She was distant and closed off and searched. In the morning a threat via E-Mail, a police spokesman said on request. You go from a right-wing extremist Background. For further information, you can make, but only after consultation with the state protection. In the afternoon the action after more than four hours was not completed. The Merkez mosque in Duisburg, Germany, is one of the largest in Germany.


look in the Merkez mosque in Duisburg, Germany

©Oliver Berg, DPA,

about two weeks ago, bomb threats against mosques in München and Iserlohn, as well as the Ditib Central mosque in Cologne, had been-Germany’s largest mosque complex. In both cases, the police after extensive searches all clear.

in The morning a bomb threat was also against the party headquarters of the Left in Berlin (read more about this below).

+++ 15.23 PM: Istanbul, Syrian refugees want to. without valid papers +++

the deportation, The Turkish government has all Syrians in Istanbul without valid papers, a period of up to 20 August is set to leave the Bosporus metropolis. Until then, Syrians who are registered in other Turkish provinces would have to return there, according to the Istanbul Governor’s office on Monday. Who then in Istanbul was sent to the appropriate province. Syrians without valid residence permit in Turkey would be deported to Syria.

Among Syrians, the new campaign caused great unrest. According to the Governor’s office in Istanbul are currently in the province of nearly 547.500 Syrians with a temporary protection status is registered. A registry in Istanbul, according to the Governor’s office. In the past few days the security forces have intensified the staff checks in metro stations, bus stations and in neighborhoods, where many Syrians live.

+++ 15.18 PM: Greek police freed migrant – smugglers arrested +++

The Greek police is once again a successful strike against a smuggling gang. Officials managed to escape during a RAID of 19 migrants from a warehouse in the vicinity of the port city of Thessaloniki, the police announced. The migrants had been kept by their Traffickers caught there. A suspected smuggler has been arrested. After a further accomplice will search. The RAID took place on Sunday, informed the police. The security forces discover migrants in many regions of the country, are held captive. Smugglers try to even more money from relatives to blackmail in the countries of origin of migrants.

+++ 14.44 PM: once Again, the power of +++

falls in New York during a heat wave While a heat wave with temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius, it is in New York again to a large-scale power outage came. Around 50 000 households in the borough of Brooklyn and in Westchester County in the North of the city were affected on Sunday evening, informed the authorities on Monday night. The power supply of around 30 000 of these households had been switched off, “to prevent a major power failure,” said mayor Bill de Blasio via Twitter.


Even the Time Square was in the dark: parts of New York for hours without power

The electricity supplier Con Edison assumed that all affected households would be provided until Monday morning to be re-energized. The heat had subsided on Thursday, Thunderstorms and rain were announced.

Already the weekend before had been in a part of the metropolis of New York hours of electricity. From this breakdown, approximately 70 000 people had been right in the middle of Manhattan affected.

+++ 14.19 PM: the British foreign Secretary of state, resigns in Protest against Johnson +++

The resistance against Boris Johnson as a possible successor to the British Prime Minister, Theresa May grows. On Monday, Secretary of state, Alan Duncan, said of the Pro-European Foreign his resignation. “In anticipation of the exchange on Wednesday to” lay down, he his office, he explained in his letter of resignation to the outgoing head of government. At the weekend, Finance Ministers Philip Hammond and justice Minister David Gauke had already announced their withdrawal for the case from Johnson’s victory in the internal party election.

next British Prime Minister?

revolt in the government: Several government Ministers want to resign in case of victory of Boris Johnson

“It is tragic that we must work in the Moment, because we could be the dominant intellectual and political force in Europe and beyond, every day, under the dark cloud of Brexit,” said Duncan.

The former foreign Minister and Brexit-hardline Johnson is considered the favorite in the party’s internal fight against the acting foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt, to the May follow-up. In an Online survey of 1199 Tory members of the Website Conservative Home, Johnson received 73 percent of the vote. He is by his own admission, ready to lead the United Kingdom without a withdrawal agreement from the EU.

+++ 14.11 PM: the Dead in nomad tent to air attack in Afghanistan +++

In the case of an air attack on Monday, at least nine civilians in a nomad’s tent, has been killed in Eastern Afghanistan. At least six people had been injured, said the Counsellor Huma Ahmadi. In the district of Baraki Barak in Logar province, a tent of Kuchi nomads had been taken. Among the victims were six children. The district is located to the center under the control of the radical Islamic Taliban, said Ahmadi. The Kuchi are nomads of Afghanistan. Most of them are from the Pashtun ethnic group.

+++ 14.02 PM: patient first rides 12,000 euros after fixation without judicial approval +++

Because of the fixation and forced medication of a psychiatric patient despite the lack of authorisation of the judge of the state of Hesse, the wife has to pay 12,000 euros for Pain and suffering. Due to the non-present approval by a judge of the fixations were illegal, ruled by the higher regional court (OLG) of Frankfurt am Main on Monday published decision. The same is true for the forced treatment of the applicant.

constitutional court

judgment in Karlsruhe, Germany: when is a fixation of psychiatric patients unconstitutional?


The affected patient was meadows 2014 against her will in the psychiatric Department of a hospital, and during their two-week stay at the Clinic partly, and with drug therapy has been fixed. Such a fixation is not covered by the judicial Placement order, was the Frankfurt higher regional court in its non-appealable judgment. Also, the forced treatment of the woman was for the same reason, unlawful.

+++ 13.57 PM: at Least 50 Trapped in a house fire in Mumbai, India, + + +

A fire in a multi-storey house in the Western Indian metropolis of Mumbai has according to media reports, between 50 and 100 people the way to Free blocked. On shots at the state TV channel MTLN on Monday, thick clouds of smoke were to be seen, the ascents of the nine-storey building. 14 fire-fighting trains, were at the scene of the incident in the area of Bandra West in use, as it was said. To possible Victims there was initially no information. In the media, the number of Included apart went far. The TV channel Times Now reported of 50, the channel NDTV of 100. Also the cause of the fire was initially unclear.

+++ 13: 28: Zugchaos in Italy after a suspected arson +++

in the Middle of the holiday season in Italy after a fire in the railway traffic Chaos. On the main high-speed line between Florence and Rome, the traffic came in on Monday temporarily to a complete Halt. At railway street stations were the thousands of travelers, and long lines formed.

trains had v up to four hours of delay, more than 40 have been completely removed, said the national railway company RFI. Reason, a fire in a control box for controlling the high-speed trains in Rovezzano in Florence. The company is arson by Unknown.

From 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. the following morning, the entire route between Florence and Rome was locked – it is the connection axis between the North and the South of Italy is. While trains rolled again after this, but it could be yet to come throughout the day to issues, RFI.

+++ 13.14 PM: block of the Left-Central after a threat canceled +++

The blocking of the Berlin Federal centre to the Left after a Drohschreiben (read more below) is removed. A police spokeswoman said on Monday, had been denied reviewed the Letter, a seriousness but. The police state protection took over the investigation. A criminal case against unknown persons for disturbance of the public peace by the threat of a criminal Offence had been initiated.

+++ 13.08 PM: 2500 pigs die in fire at a Farm in Mecklenburg +++

The fire at a pig fattening facility in Kolbow in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is almost dead half of the placed there 6000 animals. The company go from the death of about 2500 pigs, said district administrator Stefan Sternberg (SPD). Three of the five stalls had been pulled n affected.

+++ 12.56 PM: German tourist on Mallorca raped +++

A German Mallorca-tourist has been raped at the weekend in Playa de Palma, allegedly. “The incident occurred in the night of Sunday,” confirmed a spokesman for the national police of the German press Agency. Another woman had been in the same night also victims of sexual violence and treated in hospital, but I won’t press charges. For more information, does not want to give out the police, because currently being determined.

incident in Majorca

German tourist raped: Two suspects in custody, two at large


The newspaper “Diario de Mallorca” reported that the German tourist, have the police indicated, in a famous restaurant in the party area of Playa de Palma, a Spanish-speaking man met to have with you later to the beach left. There’s all this have forced the 20-Year-old moved out and the Sex should have told the wife of the officials. A medical examination in the hospital is supposed to have confirmed evidence of rape, reported in the “Mallorca Magazin”.

at the beginning of July, the rape of an 18-year-old German Mallorca had made vacationer headlines. A group of German had been arrested in connection with the fact, two of the men are sitting in detention. Shortly after the attack, there were in several places of the Balearic island of demonstrations against violence against women.

+++ 12.45 PM: Deutsche Bahn buys 17 long-distance trains from Austria +++

Deutsche Bahn has bought 17 used long-distance trains of the Austrian Western railway. The first IC-double-deck trains will be delivered in December and starting in the spring of next year, with the company said. Therefore, you will run as Intercity 2 in the Two-hour clock on the new line Dresden-Berlin-Oranienburg-Rostock. To the purchase price of the Deutsche Bahn did not provide information. The plans for the purchase were already in the spring is known. At the time, according to the latest reports from the Supervisory Board an investment circles, the sum of 300 million euros. “With the purchase of the trains of the West rail, we will expand the space for our customers to nearly 7,000 seats,” said passenger transport Board, Berthold Huber. The trains from Swiss manufacturer Stadler Rail were mostly two years old and reached a speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

+++ 12.33 PM: the Pope writes to Assad: disaster in Syria to stop +++

Pope Francis has brought in a letter to the Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad makes his deep concern about the situation in the civil war country. The Pontiff reminded, especially in the “dramatic conditions” for the civilian population in Idlib, told the Vatican. “What happens there is really inhumane and unacceptable. The Pope asks the President to do everything in his Power to stop this humanitarian disaster,” said cardinal Secretary of state Pietro Parolin, the “foreign Minister” of the Vatican. The letter handed over to the Curia, cardinal Peter Turkson on Monday during a visit to Damascus.

+++ 12.26 PM: Ufo stops ballot at Euro wings – no strikes in the summer +++

passengers of the Euro wings need to worry about this summer, but no strike by the flight attendants more. The cabin Union Ufo has stopped the ballot on a permanent battle with the Lufthansa subsidiary, as a trade Union spokesman confirmed. Basic legal doubt as to whether the current Ufo-Board has legitimately come into the office. The trade Union wants to go with the vote to stop the possible damages claims out of the way. The vote is only suspended until the issue was resolved in the Association register of the local court of Darmstadt, said the Ufo speaker.

+++ 12.08 PM: the Left-Central in Berlin due to a bomb threat evacuated +++

The Federal government has been vacated headquarters of the Left, in Berlin on Monday because of a Drohschreibens. A spokeswoman for the party said there was a bomb threat that was received as an Email. In the morning, all the employees would have had to leave the Karl-Liebknecht-Haus in Berlin-Mitte. The party suspected the sender because of the wording in the right-wing extremist camp.

in Front of the entrance of the building, the police built a small plywood circle. Originally for 13 at a planned press conference with the Deputy party boss, Martina Renner was cancelled. The Berlin police said that the seriousness of the letter would be examined. The evacuation was carried out on the Initiative of the Left. The Left-politician Malte Fiedler said this in a Tweet by “the right terrorist”.

+++ 11.41 PM: French submarine more than 50 years to Disappear again. + + +

More than 50 years after the Disappearance of the French submarine “La Minerve” found the wreck has been discovered in the Mediterranean sea. France’s defence Minister Florence Parly announced on Monday, is the wreck 45 miles off the coast of Toulon in 2370 meters depth. “We have found the ‘Minerve’ again,” wrote Parly in the online service Twitter. “This is a success, a relief and a technical feat,” she added.


This photo from 1965 shows the “Minerve” in the port of Marseille


The military-the U-boat was on the 27. January 1968 with 52 crew members on Board during an Exercise in the Mediterranean sea disappeared. Although immediately a search was launched, the wreck was found never. In October, the families of the sailors had called for the search to resume. Parly, said on Monday that she was in thought for the bereaved, “to have waited so long for this Moment”.

+++ 11.27 PM: a rocket launched India’s first moon landing mission +++

In the second start-up in India has started first moon landing mission: a rocket with The Orbiter, Chandrayaan-2, launched on Monday according to plan at 14.43 (local time, 11: 13 am CEST) from Baikonur Satish Dhawan, in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, as a Reporter for the AFP news Agency reported from the field. A week ago, the launch was cancelled about an hour earlier, due to a technical problem. With the Mission, India will become the fourth country after the US, Russia and China, the moon landing is a success.

+++ 11.23 PM: North Korea reported 99.98 percent turnout in local elections +++

In local elections in North Korea according to official data, almost 100 percent of the eligible voters cast their votes. Also commander-in-chief Kim Jong-Un makes had gone on Sunday to choose, reported the state-run media on Monday. The Communist leadership had elected representatives at the provincial-, city – and County-level select.

As the elections to the North Korean Parliament also apply to the quadrennial municipal elections in the isolated state, as a pure matter of form, since the choice of beneficiaries per municipality with only Yes or no for one of the labour party selected candidates can vote. “A candidate for every seat and a Name on every ballot,” wrote the British Ambassador in Pyongyang, Colin Crooks, on Twitter.

+++ 11.14 PM: “shut up”: police chief in Trouble for Dieter-Nuhr-quote +++

has “If you have no idea, just fuck off”: The words of the Cologne police President Uwe Jacob, a local district mayor. The latter had previously criticized the restructuring plans of the police. Jacob was in the “Bild”newspaper, in the case of an internal event in the set have said, was influenced by the cabaret artist Dieter Nuhr. The district mayor had made to Jacob without knowledge of the subject statements, “which could cause the people’s Fears.” He had said that he would like to recite the comedians Nuhr.


Due to a Dieter-Nuhr-quote Uwe Jacob, was now in Trouble

©Rolf Venn Bernd REUTERS

The process through a country-tags-request of the Cologne SPD politician Martin Börschel public become. Börschel had accused Jacob before 40, and then again in front of 400 police officers in the “face-keeping”-to have set about the district mayor of Köln-Mülheim, Norbert Fuchs, said. Fox is like Börschel member of the SPD.

The spell of Dieter Nuhr dates back to a several years old stage programme. He was so popular that only through its website, T-Shirts and mugs sold in order.

+++ 11.09 PM: activists: at Least 16 Dead in air raids in Syria +++

In the case of air attacks on Syria’s last major rebel territory in the North-West of the civil war the country came, according to activists, at least 16 civilians were killed. The bombs had struck a market in the town of Maarat al-Numan in the Idlib province, said the Syrian Observatory for human rights on Monday. She made Russian Jets responsible for the attacks. More than 35 people had been injured. The oppositional news site Ennab Baladi reported 20 deaths.

+++ 11.06 PM: Violent clashes in Hong Kong +++

In the demonstrations on Sunday in Hong Kong, there has been serious riots. A Video shows the clashes between protesters and security forces. As masked protesters to the building of the Chinese mission, with eggs, not a pelting, the security forces first. Later, the police stormed the square in front of the building and pushed back the protesters. Then the situation escalated. Emergency workers with protective masks and shields were using tear gas and rubber bullets against the demonstrators, as a Reporter for the AFP news Agency reported. In addition, it was known that on late Sunday evening (local time) a group of masked men government opponents in a train station in the city had been attacked.

were The demonstrations, in which tens of thousands of people involved, initially largely peaceful. They were directed against the head of government, Carrie Lam, and about extradition law, which would for the first time, allows transfers to mainland China. The protesters are demanding, among other things, democratic reforms, a General voting right and Lams resignation.

+++ 11.01 PM: Four trekkers die in Flooding in China +++

In the case of a Flood in the Southeast of China’s four hikers have lost their lives. Local authorities in Jiangxi province on Monday, it came to the sudden Flood, as in a mountainous area on Sunday, a rain storm raged. About 280 people belonging to various travel groups, was temporarily trapped, but later rescued. Especially in the southern part of the country it comes in the summer months Flooding, the numerous casualties and high economic damage. Also in the case of landslides, to die again and again, people.

+++ 10.51 PM: Alleged CIA spies in Iran to death and long prison terms sentenced +++

In Iran have been sentenced to several alleged spies by the US secret service CIA to death. Since the “successful” dismantling of a CIA espionage network in June, 17 Suspects had been arrested, said the head of the counterintelligence of the Iranian intelligence Ministry on Monday to journalists in Tehran. Some of them had been to death, and met other long in prison.

Iran had reported the detection and dismantling of a spy network in June. For more information on the number of spies or their activities had not made Tehran at the time, but. The head of counterintelligence said now, with all 17 Suspects were Iranians. They worked, therefore, “sensitive and important centers” in Iran, or in related private companies. They were recruited according to the figures available from the CIA as they requested a visa for the USA or an older visa wanted to renew.

+++ 10.39 PM: With 1.8 per mil and a speed of 160 child one defendant confesses in court +++

A defendant driver has been drunk behind the wheel and a fatal accident verursacto have ht. The allegations would be given “the full extent”, – said the defender of the 43-Year-old on Monday at the beginning of the process before the district court of Friedberg.

In the accident on the highway 5 in the vicinity of Bad Nauheim in Hesse, had died last October, a five-year-old Boy. According to the indictment, the 43-Year-old had changed with the Tempo of 160 and 1.8 per Mille downed the lane and had collided with the car in its family. The boy’s father and two siblings were injured. The accused told the court in tears, you do Happen to be very sorry.

+++ 10.36 PM: the assassination of Utøya should be included part of the Norwegian curriculum +++

The terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya with 77 dead in the future in the curriculum of Norwegian schools. Children and young people should be taught to the terrorism that Norway had sought eight years ago home, reported the Norwegian newspaper “Verdens Gang”, according to a commemorative event on the occasion of the anniversary in the late Sunday night in Oslo. It is not only important to understand the attacks, but also to set them in a larger context, was quoted by education Minister Jan Tore Sanner of the sheet. Therefore, it is, of course, that the substance in schools should be taught, he said therefore. A timetable has not been called.

The attacks of the right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik passed on Monday for the eighth Time. He had at 22. In July 2011, a car bomb in the government district of Oslo and on the island of Utøya, dozens of participants in a summer camp of the youth organization of the social democratic workers ‘ party shot fired. A total of were killed in the attacks 77 people.

+++ 9.56 PM: climate scientist sees unusual many of the heat waves in Germany +++

The frequency of heat waves in Germany is no longer, according to the climate researcher Mojib Latif “normal”. The number of heat waves is now very high, said the expert from the GEOMAR Helmholtz centre for ocean research of the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. “It has doubled since 1980, and some even tripled.” This is ultimately a consequence of climate change.

danger for the Elderly and the Sick

The next heat wave rolls on Germany – temperatures up to 38 degrees


In Germany are expected in the coming days, re-part very high temperatures. The German weather service predict for tomorrow to Thursday in many Parts of the country from 32 to 38 degrees. In the West and southwest it can be according to forecasts, fixed even hotter. Huete temperatures remain, according to DWD first of all, however, still below 30 degrees.

+++ 9.51 PM: After theft from evidence locker room: a COP under suspicion +++

After a theft from the evidence locker room of a police station by police and prosecutors in Lüneburg against a 40-year-old police officer. The Offence, which occurred in August 2018, disappeared after investigators information a greater cash sum. After intense investigations the employees of the concerned police came, finally, service in Lüneburg under suspicion. In the course of search at the police officers, investigators seized a wide range of Material. The suspended man is silent to the allegations. Further details of the police and the public Prosecutor’s office is not informed with reference to the still-ongoing investigation.

+++ 9.25 PM: Iran covers according to information from the CIA network +++

The Iranian intelligence service has revealed, according to a network of the US secret service, the CIA in Iran. In this context, 17 agents had been arrested, said the head of the counterintelligence of the Iranian secret service. All were Iranians. Some of them the death penalty. Also, some European and Asian countries to have participated in the CIA operations against Iran. More Details about the case will soon be made public, said the Official in a press briefing at the Ministry of culture.

+++ 9.08 PM: every other doubt of protection by the police +++

Around half of citizens in Germany, questioned according to a survey on the ability of the state to protect them from crime. In a survey conducted by the Institute Insa on behalf of the “image”-newspaper, 44 percent agreed with the statement that the state “can no longer ensure the safety of the citizens adequately”. 46 per cent were of the opinion that “the police can’t protect the population effectively”. Compared to a similar survey a year ago, these Figures declined slightly. The majority of respondents – 57 per cent – feel of the survey, according to a “generally safe”.

“The General or abstract sense of security is increased,” said Insa chief Hermann Binkert to the development. “If it is good, however, specifically, the citizens in front of the door or ride on the subway, they are afraid that the police can’t help you in a real danger situation.”

+++ 8.55 PM: major fire in a pig farm with 10,000 animals +++

A pigsty, with up to 10,000 animals will burn in Kolbow in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. As the police Communicator, should first be evidence that already more than 1000 pigs died. The advanced fire brigades were trying to bring as many pigs as possible into the open. According to police, around 200 meters from the source of fire is removed to a biogas plant. However, there was no danger that the fire could spread.

+++ 8.51 PM: At the “Wacken Open Air” to the drone for safety +++

The popular Heavy Metal Festival “Wacken Open Air is” the beginning of August in this year a drone for security and safety. You will provide the operational forces with overview shots of the site in Schleswig-Holstein, in order to detect critical situations at an early stage, the police announced today. The drone should also make shots from the camping area. The device supports the use of forces in Wacken in of this kind for the first Time. In the previous year, already test flights had been made, said a police spokesman. Also on the Kiel week a drone was, according to his information, already in use.

Wacken Open Air 2019 is from 1. to 3. August. For the 30. Edition of the festival will again be expected to be tens of thousands of Heavy Metal Fans. The Festival is already sold out for about a year.

+++ 8.32 PM: the woman in front of train encountered: commuters stop at the scene of the crime held by +++

commuters and travelers have placed after the deadly fact at a platform in the lower Rhine town of Voerde for the 34-year-old victim down flowers and lit candles. People stayed in the Morning on the way to work at the scene on Track 1 and stopped as a DPA-Reporthe reported. White roses and a small angel-like figure were to be seen.

victim died in the track bed

encountered Strange woman in front of train – a suspect already, the violence was not active before


The 34-Year-old was joined on Saturday by a totally unknown man at the station Voerde in front of an incoming train ends. The district court of Duisburg issued an arrest warrant for murder against 28-Year-old. The Accused is said to have pushed the woman from Voerde insidious and murder into the track bed in front of the train. The offender and the victim do not know each other accordingly. There was also on the Track is no dispute between the two, as the investigators explained. According to police, the man is a Serb, coming from Hamminkeln in the district of Wesel and is there for the investigators is known. He had been captured after the fact from witnesses until the Arrival of the police.

+++ 8.01 PM: Israel begins with the demolition of Palestinian houses +++

Israeli troops have started in the Morning, the houses of Palestinians, South of Jerusalem, to demolish. Dozens of police and soldiers closed off several multi-storey residential houses in Sur Baher, before a backhoe arrived and with the demolition of an under construction house began. The destruction of the houses had already been triggered in the run-up to international concern. The Israeli authorities had informed the residents in June over the demolition plan. They were given 30 days to leave the houses

Israel to exist, the building had been set up at the separation barrier that Israel, which annexed East Jerusalem and cross-border settlement blocks in the occupied West Bank forecloses. The Palestinians accuse Israel of wanting you out of the safety area around the barrier to displace, to be able to Israeli settlements and roads expand. The UN had asked Israel to refrain from the demolition of the houses in Sur Baher.

+++ 6.52 PM: criticism of Hong Kong police after attack by gang of thugs on demonstrators +++

After a violent attack of the thugs on anti-government demonstrators in Hong Kong sharp criticism of the police and the government, according to. The well-known democracy activist Nathan Law wrote that night on Twitter, if “Chinese Mobs” would attack citizens, an attack the police. “Shame on the government.” The attack injured Deputy Lam Cheuk Ting criticized the police also. He made for the attack, members of criminal Chinese gangs, known as triads, responsible. At a train station in the North of Hong Kong last night, had been attacked after a new protest rally critical of the government, the protesters of men with metal rods and wooden sticks armed. Moreover, 45 people were injured. Six people suffered serious injuries, one of them hovered in mortal danger.

+++ 5.58 PM: study: Large shortage of housing in German cities +++

In the German metropolises are built according to a study, far too few apartments. So, the demand for new housing in Cologne will be covered not even half (46 percent), says the study by the Institute of German economy (IW) in Cologne. The authors compared the number of from 2016 to 2018 dwellings completed with the demand that you estimated on the basis of factors such as population development and the empty stalls. Also in other big cities, it looks bad, for example in Stuttgart or Munich. The cities would have to make an effort to brake the development of the Rent, warn the authors.

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Because of the mobile phone at the wheel: the World of wanted murderers caught

DPA +++ 5.15 PM: Trump sets a confrontation with Democrats to continue +++

In its dispute with four female deputies from the Democrat US President Donald Trump on Sunday (local time) has caught up to out a new field. “I do not believe that these four Congress members are able to love our country,” tweeted Trump. “You should be apologizing to America (and Israel) to the awful (hateful) things you have said.” The four women destroyed the democratic party as “weak and insecure people” could destroy America, but never tweeted of the Republicans.

+++ 4.27 PM: Temperature record heat wave in the U.S. +++

In the case of a heat wave in the U.S. have been broken at the weekend, several temperature records. The national weather service informed, to seven places of historical maximum values have been measured, including in Atlantic City and at New York’s JFK airport. Many measuring stations have recorded temperatures of between 38 and 43 degrees Celsius. Today it is cool – whereas in Europe, a new heat wave is expected. The heat wave in the USA withdrew at the weekend from the Midwest to the Atlantic coast. On Saturday heat warnings for areas where 157 million people were considered. On Sunday, approximately 95 million people were affected. According to media reports, at least six people died as a result of the heat. New York was the 500 publicly available air-conditioned rooms, the so-called Abkühlzentren. The planned for Sunday in New York City Triathlon has been cancelled because of the heat for the first Time since its inception in the year 2001.

+++ 4.05 PM: Japan’s head of government, Abe missed a Two-thirds majority for choice +++

Japan’s right-wing conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe won the upper house election, for a constitutional amendment required Two-thirds majority, however, missed. His liberal democratic party LDP and its smaller coalition partner Komeito won, according to the official election result, 71 of the available seats, the Opposition came to 53 seats. Thus, the government’s stock holding in the second chamber of Parliament now 141 mandates, and the Opposition 104. In Japan, all three years will be elected approximately one-half of the chamber. The result means that Prime Minister Abe’s political goal in life a Change in the post-war Constitution, is moved in the distance.

+++ 3.55 PM: activists: of the 18 civilians in air strikes in Northern Syria killed +++

In the case of air attacks in the embattled Syrian province of Idlib have been killed, according to activists, at least 18 civilians. Among the dead of the civil Djab journalist Anas al -, said the Syrian Observatory for human rights. He had been killed in a Russian air attack on his home town of Chan Scheichun. The aid organization of the white helmets, the heard al-Djab, and confirmed his death. The beginning of the twenty-year-old reported as a photographer and camera man from the contested areas. Also, the AFP news Agency has used the Material. Al-Djab was in the city Idlib interred. Idlib is considered the last great Bastion of Syrian rebels. In the province of a ceasefire in place since last September, but the forces of ruler Bashar al-Assad to fly with the Russian air force since the end of April intensified air attacks against the rebels. The majority of Idlib is dominated by the jihadists Alliance Hajat Tahrir al-sham (HTS), which emerged from the Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoot.

Northern Ireland

the “New IRA” – Who is the group that is making Terror in the UK?

+++ 3.35 PM: After protests: Puerto Rico’s Governor does not want to compete again

to run After more than a week of daily protests against him, the Governor of Puerto Rico in the next election in the coming year. He’ll resign also as chief of the PNP (New Progressive party), said the head of government of the U.S. territory, Ricardo Rosselló in a televised address. Since the end of vorvergangener week, many people in Puerto Rico’s capital of San Juan to go to work every day on the street and ask Rossellós resignation. Also in other cities of the Caribbean archipelago, which has been stuck for years in a severe financial crisis, as well as in the United States and Europe, there were demonstrations against the Governor.

+++ 2.17 PM: Pompeo would like to thank Mexico for efforts to Stop migrants +++

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has expressed satisfaction over the efforts made by Mexico to prevent migrants from traveling in the direction of the USA. Pompeo also thanked his Mexican counterpart, Marcelo Ebrard, at a Meeting in Mexico city for the “enhanced” efforts at enforcement of migration rules, such as the U.S. foreign Ministry said. This led to the first findings to less “come and ask illegal immigrants” on the southern border of the United States. Pompeo certificated Mexico “real progress”. “The Numbers are good,” said the US Secretary of state after his journey from Mexico to El Salvador. There is still “much work”. US President, Donald Trump had threatened Mexico in may and June punitive tariffs, and not the actions of a neighbouring country more decisively against migrants on the way to the USA. Mexico is on the Route of people from the Central American countries of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala who want to go on the run from poverty and violence in their homeland in the USA.

+++ 1.20 PM: the British foreign Minister Hunt speaks with Maas and Le Drian, Tanker crisis +++

In the Tanker dispute with Iran was on the phone with the British foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt, with German foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) and the French chief diplomat, Jean-Yves Le Drian. The three Ministers had agreed that a free I passage of ships through the Strait of Hormuz for the European States ‘ “top priority,” said the British foreign Ministry. At the same time, each of the “possible escalation must be avoided”. Because of the seizure of a British tanker in the Strait of Hormuz by Iran, the British crisis, the Cabinet meets on Monday to an urgent meeting. The panel will discuss under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, Theresa May over the “maintaining the security of shipping in the Persian Gulf,” said Mays office in London.

+++ 0.15 PM: Venezuela’s jailed Vice-President of the Parliament, Zambrano ended the hunger strike

In Venezuela has completed the imprisoned opposition politicians, and Vice-President of Parliament, Edgar Zambrano, after ten days of his hunger strike. His wife Sobella Mejias wrote on Sunday in the short message service Twitter, the authorities had allowed her husband to get a visit from his family. Then her husband had stopped his hunger strike gradually. Zambrano was on 8. May have been arrested because he had supported a failed uprising of soldiers against the head of state, Nicolás Maduro. In the Venezuelan Parliament by Maduro against the player Juan Guaidó led Opposition has a majority. The Parliament, however, has been more disempowered going. Maduro and Guaidó supply in the South American crisis state for months a bitter struggle for power. President Guaidó stated that in January, even as President, and is recognized by more than 50 countries, among them Germany and the USA.

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