the Rescued migrants to Italian and details painted in front of Libya a commercial ship under their control, and to the North controlled, before they were stopped by the army. “The Tanker, its crew and all the migrants are being escorted by the Navy,” said the Maltese Navy on Thursday morning. The ship had taken on Tuesday evening, shipwrecked in international waters off Libya and had been diverted from them in the direction of Europe.

Before had said Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini of the right-wing Lega-party: “There are no castaways, there are pirates”. The merchant ship “Elhiblu” have taken in the Mediterranean, a group of migrants off the Libyan coast, but then about six miles from the capital, Tripoli suddenly the course in the direction of the North changed.

It was then, in the direction of Malta, as Malta said. The Maltese authorities had been informed of a “lake überfallenes ship,” said a spokeswoman for the German press Agency. The captain got off a Alarm.

Malta and Italy are refugees, not

Italian and Maltese recording media according to 108 of the migrants on Board the vessel going under the flag of the island nation of Palau. Also on Board are women and children.

Both Italy and Malta do not want to take the boat refugees, as long as there is no EU-wide distribution mechanism. In front of the Libyan coast and more rescue ships are hardly in use, the boats from aid agencies were blocked for a long time again on the sea, or withdrawn from circulation.


“We need to get out again”

rescuers without help – a visit to the distress rescuers in the Mediterranean sea

migrants don’t want to be stopped back to Libya

the EU has Also its naval deployment off the Libyan coast. The officially confirmed the decision to operate in the Anti-smuggling Operation Sophia for the time being, only air reconnaissance and Libyan coast guards train.

This is to bring the migrants back in the civil war in the country, where the people are, however, serious ill-treatment threaten. Migrants fight back, therefore, to be back to Libya. Aid organisations speak of inhuman conditions, and of “concentration camps”, in which the migrants were also subjected to torture. In November the refusal of about 90 migrants to leave a container ship that had brought them back to Libya.

Of a “dangerous situation”, pointing to the great despair of the “injured people” on the flight, said the aid organization Doctors without borders. “The EU policy to vulnerable people more and more, and has brought trading ships in an impossible position.”

sources: “Malta Today”, the DPA

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